TOGG Official Twitter Account Hacked!

TOGG Official Twitter Account Hacked
TOGG Official Twitter Account Hacked!

The official Twitter account of Turkey's domestic car Togg was attacked by hackers. While immediate action was taken after the attack, the account was taken back again.

Turkey's Automobile Initiative Group (Togg) official Twitter account was seized by malicious people. The people controlling the account tried to market the NFTs they offered for sale through Opensea through this account.

After the attack was noticed, the account management was taken back by taking immediate action.

A statement came from Togg regarding the attack in question. In the statement, "Our account was tried to be taken over by a malicious person or persons for a while, and unsolicited messages were seen for a short time. The situation was immediately intervened and the account management was taken back. We continue our technical investigations on the subject. For your information." it was said

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