Is It Mandatory To Wear Masks In Universities? Is Mask Ban Lifted in Schools?

Is It Mandatory To Wear Masks In Universities, Is The Mask Ban In Schools Lifted?
Is It Mandatory To Wear Masks In Universities Is The Mask Ban In Schools Lifted?

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer announced that as of tomorrow, the obligation for teachers and students to use masks in all schools and indoor places has been lifted.

Minister Ozer; Noting that the 2021-2022 academic year continues uninterruptedly face-to-face at all levels, he said that they are pleased to continue this process, which has turned into a new phase as of today, in all educational environments.

Reminding that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced that after the Health Science Board meeting, the obligation to use masks in closed spaces was completely lifted, Özer said, “As the Ministry of National Education, we, as the Ministry of National Education, will now be closed in all schools where 18 million students receive education, from pre-school to primary school, from primary school to secondary school, from secondary school to high school. We have abolished the use of masks.” said.

Expressing that the process was difficult, Özer noted that resuming face-to-face education after the break required a serious will.

Noting that as the Ministry, they insisted on two points in particular, Özer said, “Firstly, the fact that schools are the first places to be opened and the last places to be closed. The second was that we insisted that after a one and a half year face-to-face hiatus, keeping schools open was no longer an education issue but a national security issue. At this point, the whole society saw how well we made the right decision.” used the expressions.

Pointing out that the epidemic process was not easy, Özer pointed out that the education system in Turkey is a gigantic one with 18 million students and 1,2 million teachers, and said, “Therefore, the way to normalize Turkey in this process was to keep schools open face-to-face. Our determined stance both facilitated and accelerated the normalization of Turkey.” said.

Ozer; He thanked the Coronavirus Science Board, all bureaucrats of the Ministry of National Education, governors, civil authorities and teachers, and continued as follows:

“We have seen together how self-sacrificing the teachers have shown in this process. They gave lectures with their masks, not only did the vaccination rates exceed Turkey's average, they also set an example to the Turkish society with a vaccination rate higher than the vaccination rate of teachers in most OECD countries. I am proud of our teachers, I am grateful to all of them. They also made great sacrifices in their loyalty efforts.”

Stating that the vocational education community produced many instruments used in the epidemic such as masks, visors and disinfectants, and delivered them to the citizens and the health community quickly, Özer said, “As the Minister of National Education, I can claim that if vocational education had not actively participated in this process, the initial phase of this struggle would have been much more difficult. ” said.

“Schools are the safest institutions in societies”

Wishing that the epidemic would not be repeated, Özer stated that schools are the safest institutions in societies when necessary precautions are taken, "Because schools are places where personal development, psychological development and peer sharing are carried out beyond education, and where young people who build the future of a country are raised. For this reason, I am very happy to express to our entire society that we have successfully completed this happy moment, this process, which is now related to the Kovid-19 epidemic process, and we are removing the masks from tomorrow.” he said.

Explaining that they observed the situation in each province related to education on site, Özer thanked those who made efforts to increase the quality of education.

Minister Özer met with citizens, teachers, business people and NGO representatives at iftar in Bartın.

Minister of National Education Özer met with teachers, education administrators, business people, neighborhood headmen and representatives of non-governmental organizations at the iftar program organized by the Bartın Governorship.

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