Doctors in Bursa Write Prescriptions for Children They Examined

Doctors in Bursa Write Prescriptions for Children They Examined
Doctors in Bursa Write Prescriptions for Children They Examined

Medicana Bursa Hospital also participated in the Book Pharmacy application, which was started by the Metropolitan Municipality in Bursa City Hospital last year as a 'first in Turkey'. While doctors write prescriptions to the children they examine; Children who come to the pharmacy in the hospital get the fairy tale book they want free of charge.

New libraries to the city 'in order to increase the habit of reading books' by the Metropolitan Municipality kazanThe Book Pharmacy project attracts great attention, as well as applications such as opening the digital library of 22 thousand books to the public, establishing open-air libraries and giving free public transport tickets to those who buy books from the library. The Book Pharmacy, whose target audience is the 0-12 age group and was first implemented in Bursa City Hospital last year, has now been opened in Medicana Bursa Hospital after Gürsu Cüneyt Yıldız State Hospital. Children who come to the hospital for treatment within the scope of the project are directed by the doctors to read a book after the treatment. Doctors who prescribe children the necessary drugs for their treatment, additionally give a prescription for a book on behalf of the child. Children who come to the Book Pharmacy in the hospital with this prescription get free story books according to their age groups.

1 dose of fairy tales is good

Introduction of the newly started application at Medicana Bursa Hospital; Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, General Manager of Medicana Bursa Hospital Dr. It was held with a ceremony attended by Remzi Karşı, doctors working at the hospital, sick children and their families. Expressing that they received very positive feedback regarding the project they started last year, Mayor Aktaş said, “We want our future children to grow up with art, sports and especially books. Our aim in this project is not to give free books to children, but to encourage children to read books by doctors. The child will then understand that the book is just as important as the medicines. In the project, which will stay in each hospital for 1 month, we have reached more than 5 thousand children so far. Reading habit at a young age kazanWe attach importance to this project, which will contribute to the

As useful as drugs

General Manager of Medicana Bursa Hospital, Dr. Remzi Karşı, on the other hand, said that they were happy to be involved in such an exemplary project. Reading habit at a young age kazanStating that it is very important to learn the language, Karşı said, “Books develop children's imagination and speaking skills. While reading a book enriches the vocabulary, it also feeds the feelings of curiosity. Children will be conscious of the fact that reading books is as beneficial as medicine, as they buy books in exchange for a doctor's prescription. We also received great interest from parents and received good feedback. As the Medicana health group, we are always on the side of education.”

Medicana Bursa Hospital Child Health and Diseases Specialist Prof.Dr. Metin Demirkaya also stated that books are of great importance for the mental development of children as well as their physical health, and thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for signing such a project.

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