Emergency Drill in Adana Metro

Emergency Drill in Adana Metro

Emergency Drill in Adana Metro

Under the coordination of Adana Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, Fire Brigade Department and Health and Social Services Department, an emergency drill was held on the rail system.

In the exercise, in which nearly a hundred personnel participated, an intervention and evacuation drill was carried out in the closed area of ​​the metro for fire, power outage and similar situations that may occur for various reasons.

In the event of a possible disaster, the exercise for the evacuation of passengers was applied in practice. Metropolitan personnel placed in wagons were evacuated in line with the measures to be taken against possible accidents that may occur in a natural disaster that may occur when the metro enters the closed line.

During the exercise, the vatman gave an emergency alarm, then the electricity was cut off and grounding was carried out to allow the intervention of the teams. A practical exercise was conducted using artificial fog on what to do against possible smoke accumulation in the tunnel.

Fans were turned on, emergency telephone lines were used, lighting was activated, exit signs, exit routes and emergency exit doors were put into operation.

Adana Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Cankur teams also intervened during the evacuation process. Cankur teams evacuated the injured as per the scenario. Ambulances of the Health and Social Services Department also served in the evacuation.

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