Hundreds of Years Bursa Mansions Exhibition Opened to View at Hünkar Mansion

Hundreds of years old Bursa Koskler Exhibition opened to the public in Hunkar Koskun
Hundreds of years old Bursa Koskler Exhibition opened to the public in Hunkar Koskun

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality described the mansions and mansions that witnessed different lives and many important decisions and became the symbols of the city with their architecture, decorations and the guests they hosted in the 'Bursa Mansions of Hundreds Years' exhibition.

The 'Bursa Mansions of Hundreds Years' exhibition, prepared by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has developed various projects in order to transfer the historical and cultural heritage to future generations in a healthy way, was opened to the public at the Hünkar Mansion. In the exhibition where the mansions and mansions that witnessed important decisions and became the symbols of the city with their architecture are explained with information and visuals, the Historical Municipality Mansion, Atatürk Mansion, Saatçi Ali Bey Mansion, Alay Bey Mansion, Government Mansion, Hasan Eşref Efendi Mansion, Armistice Mansion, Pink Mansion, Yağcı There are Cemal Bey Mansion, Fehmi Kalaycıoğlu Mansion and many more. With its 177 years of history, the exhibition prepared in the Hünkar Mansion, which hosted the Ottoman sultans Sultan Abdülmecit, Sultan Abdülaziz, Sultan Mehmet V. Reşat and Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on his tours to Bursa, will remain open to visitors for 1 year.

We mark the date

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition, said that the Hünkar Mansion, dated 1844, is the only structure in Bursa that reflects both the Ottoman and Republican periods. Stating that the 'Bursa Mansions of Hundreds Years' exhibition will discover values ​​that you have not heard of or even noticed when you pass by, Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that the mansions and mansions are tried to be explained in all details. He stated that although the old Bursa is not perceived in the changing and transforming lives with its high and modern buildings, the city is an Ottoman and historical city. Mayor Aktaş said, “Both Osmangazi and Yıldırım Municipality are trying to make transformations. Yildirim Beyazit Complex will be functional. There are studies carried out in the Hisar Region. There is a project for which 200 million TL was spent on the evacuation of the Hanlar Region. In the future, we will see together that we have made a mark in history and that we have done a great favor.”

Explaining that while the city is changing and growing on the one hand and new houses are being built in the western region, moves should be made to preserve the old Bursa, which foreigners call the 'Old City', and said, “We need to open a special topic for this. We are working on this special. Some even say, 'For God's sake, transform them with new buildings'. We will never make these mistakes. If we protect these values, we will be doing a very good job for our offspring, who are our future. Thank you very much to the friends who contributed to the exhibition. Good luck,” he said.

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