Üçyol Buca Metro Construction Tender Result

ucyol buca metro tender result
ucyol buca metro tender result

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has also completed the final stage tender for the construction of Buca Metro, which will create relief in urban public transportation. Eight giant companies and consortia, including participants from China, Azerbaijan and the USA, competed in the international tender for the Üçyol-Buca metro, which will be the largest investment in the city's history. Making an evaluation after the tender, President Soyer drew attention to the number of participants and the strong capital structure of the companies that entered the tender, "Good luck to the people of Buca, people of Izmir and Turkey. We will start the construction of Buca Metro by concluding the tender as quickly as possible”.

The final stage construction tender of Buca Metro, which will serve between Üçyol Station - Dokuz Eylül University Tınaztepe Campus - Çamlıkule, which is the 5th stage of İzmir Light Rail System, was held today. Eight of the 13 giant companies and consortiums, including Russian, Chinese, Azerbaijani and American companies, which were prequalified before, competed for the construction of the 8-kilometer line, which will be the largest investment in the history of the city. The tender was broadcast live on the social media accounts of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. As a result of the evaluation of the financial offers according to the tender procedure, the most economically advantageous offer will be determined and a contract will be signed with the contractor and the construction works will begin immediately.

The President watched the tender live.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. He watched it live with Buğra Gökçe. Making an evaluation after the tender, President Soyer stated that the tender was successful due to both the number of participants and the strong capital structure of the participating companies, and said, “There are significant differences between the financial offers given by the companies. We will quickly learn the reasons for these differences. We will conclude the tender as quickly as possible within the framework of international tender legislation. It will be a tender within the limits of the budget provided by the consortium we have created. We will also not need to create a resource. A successful tender, a very successful participation. May it be beneficial to the people of Buca, the people of Izmir, and all of Turkey.”

The companies participating in the tender and their financial offers are as follows; (excluding VAT)

  1. Bayburt Group & Azercon OJSC Joint Venture – 4 billion 721 million 866 thousand TL.
  2. China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation and Kolin Construction Joint Venture – 6 billion 998 million 246 thousand TL.
  3. Dentas – Gürbag Joint Venture – 7 billion 196 million 217 thousand TL.
  4. Doğuş Construction and Trade Inc. – 6 billion 932 million 477 thousand TL.
  5. EEB-CRFG-CREGC-MAKYOL Consortium – 9 billion 682 million 906 thousand TL.
  6. Gülermak Construction - 3 billion 921 million 498 thousand TL.
  7. JV Of Dillingham Construction – Özaltın Construction Joint Venture – 4 billion 357 million 481 thousand TL.
  8. Yapı Merkezi – Nurol Joint Venture – 3 billion 392 million 950 thousand TL.

The first loan agreement was signed in July

The first loan agreement for the Buca Metro, which will be built by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with its own resources, was signed with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in July. The foreign financing contract of 125 million Euros has a maturity of 4 years, 12 months Euribor + 6% interest rate. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of Üçyol-Buca Metro Line, with the French Development Agency (AFD) and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in the last May, 3,20 million euros, a total of 125 million, and at the end of July, the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB) An authorization agreement of 250 million euros was signed with

It will provide driverless service.

The line, which forms the 5th stage of the İzmir Light Rail System, will serve between Üçyol Station - Dokuz Eylül University Tınaztepe Campus - Çamlıkule. The length of the line, which will be constructed with the deep tunnel technique (TBM/NATM) using the TBM machine, is 13,5 km. and 11 station areas were determined. Starting with Üçyol, the line will include Zafertepe, Bozyaka, General Asım Gündüz, Şirinyer, Buca Municipality, Kasaplar, Hasanağa Garden, Dokuz Eylül University, Buca Koop and Çamlıkule stations respectively. The Buca line will be integrated with the 2nd stage line running between F.Altay-Bornova at Üçyol Station and with the İZBAN line at Şirinyer Station. Train sets on this line will serve without drivers.

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