Turkey Experienced the 4th Hottest Summer in History

Turkey experienced the hottest summer in its history
Turkey experienced the hottest summer in its history

Experts draw attention to the fact that the world will face irreversible disasters if multi-faceted measures are not taken until 2030 on global warming. This summer, natural disasters caused by global warming have also occurred in our country. According to various studies reviewed by the online PR Service B2Press, drought stands out as the biggest damage caused by climate change to our country after the fires and floods in the summer.

In recent months, natural disasters of unpredictable magnitude have been experienced around the world. Moreover, destructions do not occur only as short-term disasters, they leave permanent traces behind. According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) report reviewed by the online PR Service B2Press, a disaster related to weather, climate or water hazards has occurred somewhere in the world on average every day for the last 50 years. The General Directorate of Meteorology (MGM), on the other hand, announced that our country experienced the 2021th hottest August in the last 50 years last month, in the analysis of the "6 Summer Season Average Temperature Anomalies" published recently.

55% of Turkey is experiencing severe drought

In the report of MGM, which was reviewed by the online PR Service B2Press, it was reported that in 2021, the hottest summer in the history of America and Europe, our country had the 4th hottest summer. While 2010 was recorded as the hottest summer in the history of Turkey, it was observed that the average summer temperature in our country increased with the effect of global warming. A study for the independent international broadcaster The Lancet indicated that hot weather will account for 21% of climate-related disaster deaths by the end of the 99st century. Rising temperatures brought the concerns about drought to the top of the agenda after the fire and flood disasters in the summer months. In the June-August 2021 data of MGM, it was stated that 55% of our country experienced severe drought.

Natural disasters turn Turkey into a desert

According to WMO's Atlas of Deaths and Economic Losses from Climate Extremes, reviewed by B2Press, drought is the first of the events that caused the greatest human losses during the 1970-year period between 2020 and 50, with 650 thousand deaths. It is followed by storms with 577 thousand deaths, floods with 58 thousand and high temperatures with 55 thousand. Floods and forest fires in recent months have also caused many loss of life and property in our country, which has faced disasters caused by global warming this summer. Examining the data of the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS), Online PR Service B2Press found that while an average of 97 forest fires occur in Turkey every year, this number increased to 2021 in the summer of 236.

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