TEKNOFEST Technology Competitions Have Started

teknofest technology competitions have started
teknofest technology competitions have started

Technology Competitions, which have been held for 4 years within the scope of TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, are organized in 35 different categories this year with the participation of thousands of young people. From Electric Vehicles to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, from Rockets to Autonomous Systems, from Model Satellites to Underwater Systems, thousands of young people who participate in competitions held in every field of technology are also competing to realize their dreams.

The Final Race of Environmentally Friendly Electric Vehicles will be held in the Gulf on September 4-5

Teams compete for the final races to be held on September 4-5 in the International Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Races, which continue with great excitement on the Körfez Racetrack, and the High School Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Races held for the first time this year. Instead of fossil fuels, which have become much more important with climate change; The vehicles that consume the least energy will reach the top with the final competitions in the competitions organized to enable them to gain knowledge and experience in electric and hydrogen powered vehicle technology. As part of the TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, electric vehicles prepared by young people, from their design to their technical equipment, compete to be environmentally friendly in the Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Races organized by TÜBİTAK. In the competition, which aims to promote the use of alternative and clean energy sources in the automotive industry and to raise awareness about the use of alternative energies in vehicle technologies, the teams will hold the final races at the Körfez Racetrack on September 4-5 after dynamic test drives and technical controls.

Rockets Ready to Fire in Salt Lake

The excitement of the Rocket Competition, which carries the dreams of young people to the skies and contributes to the development of our country in the field of space and technology, continues in Aksaray Salt Lake. Within the scope of the competition, the teams are getting ready to fight fiercely in four different categories: High School, Medium Altitude, High Altitude and Challenging Duty. As part of the TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, the fourth Rocket Competition held this year under the direction of ROKETSAN and TÜBİTAK SAGE, young people, who are responsible for every stage from design to production, from integration to preparation for firing, fire their rockets for the championship. Pushing the limits in each category with rockets prepared for the future, the competitions will end on September 12 in Salt Lake.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Counting The Days To Compete In Bursa

Making our country a meeting point for talented students, TEKNOFEST encourages students to conduct scientific and technical studies by directing them to Unmanned Aerial Vehicle technologies with UAV Competitions. Within the scope of TEKNOFEST Technology Competitions, teams will compete in two categories as Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing in the Fighting Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Competition organized by BAYKAR. Within the scope of the competition, it is aimed that the young people develop their skills by gaining experience in this field by creating an air-air combat scenario between UAVs in a controlled environment. In the competition, where virtual maneuverability is important, teams must successfully lock onto rival UAVs as many times as possible and avoid being locked by making aggressive maneuvers. The Fighting UAV Competition, which will be held within the scope of TEKNOFEST, will be held on 6-9 September at Bursa Yunuseli Airport.

The countdown has begun for the International Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Competition, which will be held for the sixth time by TÜBİTAK as part of the TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, and the Inter-High School Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Competition, which will be held for the second time. In the competition, which will be held in three different categories as Rotary Wing, Fixed Wing and Free Duty, teams are expected to fulfill two different flight missions. The maneuvering capabilities of the teams' planes are tested and they have to leave the load of a certain weight in the predetermined area. The competitions, organized to increase and spread awareness about UAVs, to monitor and contribute to technological developments in this field, and to provide participants with technical and social experience, will be held at Bursa Yunuseli Airport between 13-18 September.

Driverless Cars Will Be Driven To The Track

As part of the TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, the Robotaxi-Passenger Autonomous Vehicle Competition, organized by TÜBİTAK, Bilişim Vadisi and HAVELSAN, will be held on 13-17 September. In order to ensure the development of autonomous vehicle technologies of the future, the teams that will compete in the Original Vehicle and Ready-to-Car category will complete the software of the vehicles they produce with their own ideas and participate in the exciting adventure in Informatics Valley. The “Robotaxies” participating in the competition will operate on a track that reflects the full-scale urban traffic situation. The vehicle's mission is to travel on an urban route, similar to a typical urban taxi, starting from a fixed point and ending at a finish/stop point. Teams that fulfill the tasks of picking up passengers, dropping passengers, reaching the parking lot, parking properly and following the correct route will be considered successful.

Journey to Satellite and Space Technologies Begins

The flight stages of the Model Satellite Competition, which offers young people the opportunity to experience the process from the design of the satellite and space project to the start of the mission, will be the scene of a fierce struggle on September 14-17 in Aksaray Salt Lake. The Model Satellite Competition, organized as part of the TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, under the direction of TÜRKSAT, aims to provide undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to transform theoretical knowledge into practice and acquire interdisciplinary working skills. In the competition, which offers the opportunity to transform theoretical knowledge into practice for undergraduate and graduate students in the field of engineering, the participants will gain the ability to work in different disciplines.

Robotic Technologies of the Future will Compete

The Unmanned Underwater Systems Competition, organized within the scope of TEKNOFEST Technology Competitions, will be held at ITU Olympic Swimming Pool on September 16-19. Teams will compete in two different categories, Advanced and Basic, in the competition, in which unique underwater robots are produced that ensure controllable underwater activities. The race of multi-functional robots that perform various tasks autonomously with artificial intelligence and have underwater maneuverability will lead the development of robotic technologies of the future.

Young people who have ideas, projects and produce in line with the goals of the National Technology Move will meet at TEKNOFEST, which will be held at Atatürk Airport between September 21-26 this year.

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