Attention to Eye Diseases in Autumn!

beware of eye diseases in autumn
beware of eye diseases in autumn

Era Eye Hospital Chief Physician Ophthalmology Specialist Op.Dr.Çağlayan Aksu gave important information about the subject. After the hot and partially drier summer season, our eyes are tired and dry, and this time new dangers and diseases await in the autumn season. Even though autumn is thought of as a season consisting only of rain and yellowing leaves, we should not ignore the effects that each season creates on our own special body. Especially in our country, the autumn period is the season in which air changes are observed most frequently and accordingly the problems in the upper respiratory tract are experienced the most. Together with the upper respiratory tract, our eyes take their share from this season.

Dr.Çağlayan Aksu said, “Adenoviral infections, which usually show symptoms of cold and are misrepresented as a simple flu, cause serious infections in the eyes and even permanent visual disturbances. Complaints of burring up to the extent that you cannot open the eyes in the morning may be the first symptoms of the disease called adenoviral conjunctivitis, which is popularly referred to as conjunctivitis. This disease, which is highly contagious, spreads rapidly, especially in public transport and crowded environments. It affects the whole family thanks to the personal belongings used in common. Over time, the same situation in both eyes can lead the person to get away from both his social life and business life.Destruction can cause haze in vision and even low vision. For this reason, people who think they have conjunctivitis or have similar complaints should apply to the nearest ophthalmologist and be treated and followed up until full recovery.

Stating that one of the most common eye diseases in seasonal changes is dry eye disease, Dr.-Aksu continued his words as follows; Dry eye, which has become one of the biggest problems of our time, is more common especially in windy and dry regions. Smartphones, tablets and computer monitors that we use constantly during the day are the biggest cause of eye dryness. Although adjusting the screen light or filters partially work, while looking at the screen The decrease in our blink reflex without realizing it and the increase in the time of eye contact with the air are the main factors. Considering the opening of schools in the fall and the fact that government offices begin to work more intensively, autumn can be said to be a period when dry eye peaks. Burning, stinging, feeling of sand in the eye, There may be symptoms such as fatigue in the eyes and difficulty opening the eyes in the morning, especially in the evenings. Even if the dryness does not seem serious, it may cause complaints such as blurred vision and decrease in contrast vision in the following cases. The cost is important.”

Dr.Çağlayan Aksu said, “And finally, allergic conjunctivitis, which is more common in the spring months but increases in the autumn time. Allergic conjunctivitis, which is more common in the seasons when the weather changes are intense, usually manifests itself with redness and itching in the eyes in individuals with inherited allergies or predisposition to allergic diseases. Even if the cold application provides partial comfort, full recovery cannot be achieved if the cause of the allergy is not eliminated. Since it is difficult to remove the agent, treatments that we call symptomatic, that is, to temporarily reduce the complaints, are applied. In addition, continuous and severe eye scratching will cause a progressive and very serious eye disease called Keratoconus, and in the case of the disease called keratoconus, it will permanently reduce vision and even end up requiring an eye transplant. It should not be forgotten that it will constitute a run.”

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