The Safe Way to Go Back to School During the Pandemic

The safe way to return to school during the epidemic
The safe way to return to school during the epidemic

During the pandemic, children could not receive face-to-face education at school. During this period, education was mostly carried out remotely. While some children found distance education useful, others were very bored with this form of education. Although they have been trying to maintain their distance education lives for a long time, they will be able to go to their schools from the new period. Although some students may be relaxed during this period, some students and parents may naturally be anxious. Moodist Psychiatry and Neurology Hospital Child Adolescent Psychiatrist Exp. Dr. Rumeysa Alaca told it for you.

Explain the Importance of Rules

There are some important rules to follow during the pandemic period. You, the parents, have a great role in your child's safe education life. Have a conversation with your child so that he or she can maintain the same rules you practice at home at school. For example, explain in good language to him the importance and purpose of washing his hands before and after meals at school as well. Tell them not to share physical items such as pencils, erasers, and toys with their friends. You can teach your child how to greet their friends from a distance instead of physical handshakes or hugs in a fun way.

Another important thing to consider is wearing a mask. You should teach your child not to remove the mask in the classroom, toilet or similar closed places and when to renew the mask. Since the pandemic has been going on for a long time, many children now know where and how to wear a mask. However, because the time spent in school is long, it can be difficult to listen to a lesson with a mask. Tell your child that he needs to maintain a mask and distance in class. You can also say that they can take off their masks to relax by keeping their distance in open areas such as the school garden. In this way, they both relax during the day and do not find themselves in a strict rule.

Another issue is the precautions that can be taken to prevent airborne transmission. These precautions are to cover the mouth and nose with a tissue when sneezing or coughing. It is important to sneeze and cough into the elbow when a tissue is not available or in very emergency situations in order to prevent contamination. If you teach this simple but effective method to your children, both the individuals around them and themselves will be highly protected from the disease.

The Importance of Nutrition and Sleep is Huge

Healthy nutrition and proper sleep are very important both for Covid-19 and for many other diseases. Although it varies according to age, middle school and high school age children and teenagers need 8-12 hours of sleep. This situation is between 9-13 hours in primary school and preschool age children. Sleep should not be measured only by duration. A quality sleep, that is, sleep hygiene is very important. It is necessary to stop eating heavy and fatty foods at least 4-6 hours before going to sleep. Drinking too much fluid just before going to sleep can disrupt sleep, so fluid consumption should be avoided. At the same time, drinks containing caffeine such as coffee and tea should not be consumed as they make it difficult to sleep. The recent increase in phone, tablet and computer use can significantly affect sleep. Quitting the use of electronic devices a few hours before going to sleep can make sleep more efficient.

Don't Make You Feel Compulsory, Be With You

Children may not want to go to school because they are used to distance education during this period, or children who have just started school may experience fear and anxiety because they do not know the school environment. Both starting school and the pandemic can complicate the process of going to school. Do not project your anxiety on your children. Tell him there's nothing to be afraid of if he follows the rules. Do not ignore your child's concerns, listen to him and try to understand. He or she may still have anxiety and fear for a while after school starts. You can overcome her anxiety by explaining the situation to her in a nice and sweet language and by listening to her.

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