Ödemiş Municipality Day Nursing Homes are Chirpy Again

odemis municipality day care centers are again civil civil
odemis municipality day care centers are again civil civil

The day care centers, which were put into service by Ödemiş Municipality to support the childcare of working mothers, have been reactivated in accordance with the pandemic rules. President Mehmet Eriş said that in addition to the two active day care centers, a new day care center will be put into service together with the Education Complex.

Day care homes, which were temporarily closed across the country within the framework of the measures taken after the coronavirus epidemic, opened their doors again with the normalization process. Ödemiş Municipality's Üç Eylül Neighborhood Kantarcı Mevkii and Umurbey Neighborhood Serpil Yanbastı Day Nursing Homes became lively again with children. Courses are also organized for women in the day care centers that have reopened with the cooperation of the Ödemiş Public Education Center.

Mehmet Eriş, the educator Mayor of Ödemiş, who visited the nursing homes that were put into service in accordance with the pandemic rules, emphasized the importance of face-to-face education.

Eriş said, “As of today, we have opened two day care centers. First of all, congratulations to our Üç Eylül and Umurbey neighborhoods. As we always say, it is more meaningful if the education is face-to-face and the teacher holds the student's hand. The spirit of education is face-to-face. Unfortunately, with the pandemic process, both my teachers and students were deprived of this kind of education. As of today, we offer support to the child care of our working mothers with the day care centers we have opened. We provide services in neighborhoods where our working mothers are concentrated and where our young children are concentrated. In our nursing homes, we also organize courses for our women together with our Ödemiş Public Education Center. There is also a day care center in our Education Complex project, which is under construction on Yarbay Street in Atatürk District. We aim to give more support to the child care of working mothers. Our children are our future. The better we prepare them for the future, the more successful they will be for our country.”

Courses are organized in cooperation with the Public Education Center for women

Üç Eylül Mahallesi Kantarcı Mevkii and Umurbey Mahallesi Serpil Yanbastı Day Care Homes provide service with a total capacity of 3 students between the ages of 5 and 60, accompanied by expert staff.

While the registration for the new term continues, applications are made to nursing homes. In cooperation with the Ödemiş Public Education Center, a Koran Course is held at the nursing home in Üç Eylül Mahallesi Kantarcı Mevkii and a pilates course is held at Serpil Yanbastı Day Care Center in Umurbey Mahallesi for women.

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