Increase in Public Transportation Fees in Kayseri

increase in mass transportation fees in kayseri
increase in mass transportation fees in kayseri

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) made a change in the urban public transportation fare schedule. The tariff, which has been applied for more than 28 years since 2019 August 2, has been renewed taking into account the increase in public transportation expenses. Accordingly, the full contactless ticket was 3.60 TL and the non-contact discounted ticket was 1.90 TL. The Board also decided to implement the "Early Transportation Tariff" and "Indirect Line Transportation Tariff" applications for the first time in Kayseri.

At the Board meeting, the public transportation fare tariff applied since 25 August 28, effective from September 2019, was redefined in urban public transportation. The fee schedules formed according to the new regulation were as follows:

“Full contactless ticket: 3.60 TL, Contactless discount ticket: 1.90 TL, Subscription full (140 boarding per month): 185 TL, Subscription discount (140 boarding per month): 90 TL, Contactless teacher: 3.20 TL, Early Transportation Tariff Non-contact Full: 3 TL, Early Transportation Tariff Contactless Discount: 1.60 TL, Early Transportation Tariff Contactless Teacher: 2.65 TL, Direct Line Contactless Full: 3 TL, Indirect Line Contactless Discount: 1.60 TL, Indirect Line Teacher: 2.65 TL, Long Line Contactless Full: 3.60 TL , Long Line Contactless Discount: 1.90 TL, Long Line Contactless Teacher: 3.20 TL, Contactless KAYBİS Full Card: 3.60 TL and Contactless KAYBİS Student Card: 1.90 TL.”


By deciding to apply the "Early Transportation Tariff" for the first time in Kayseri, UKOME paved the way for citizens using public transportation between 05.00-06.45 to continue to benefit from the previous tariff, excluding long lines.


While the connecting bus lines are still in the group not affected by the update, passengers still have the right to make 80 free transfers within 3 minutes. Passengers who pay the fare once, including discount cards, get 1 different boarding rights within 80 minutes. In addition, free transfer service from all district transportation vehicles to rail system stations within 3 minutes will be offered to citizens as of September 80, 25. Free transfer from all lines to all lines within 2021 minutes will be only in Kayseri in Turkey and this application will continue with updates.


In addition, while the average student ticket price is 2021 TL in metropolitan cities that make price updates in 2,27, it is noteworthy that this figure is approximately 20 percent cheaper and is 1.9 TL in Kayseri. Again, while the unit full subscription ticket price is 1,32 TL in Kayseri, the average price of the full subscription is 2,33 TL in other metropolitan cities, and the full subscription ticket in the city is 76 percent cheaper than other metropolitan cities.

On the other hand, while the discounted subscription ticket price was 0,64 TL in Kayseri, the average discounted subscription price in other metropolitan cities was 0,93 TL. It is noteworthy that the discounted ticket prices in Kayseri are 44 percent cheaper than in other metropolitan cities.

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