Çambaşı Plateau Ski Center is Reforested

cambasi plateau ski center is being reforested
cambasi plateau ski center is being reforested

In these days when the importance of forests has increased once again due to the fires in Turkey, another move came from Ordu Metropolitan Municipality affiliate ORBEL A.Ş.

Located in Ordu's Kabadüz district Çambaşı Plateau, the ski resort was afforested to raise awareness about the fires that occurred in Turkey and to green its surroundings.

Last year, ORBEL A.Ş. planted pine saplings around the slopes for the safety of ski lovers. this time, he planted 1.000 more pine trees to raise awareness about the fires. The ski center, which has been turned into a place where citizens can enjoy in every sense, has also set an example with its greening works.

Expressing that while the facilities were modernized, ORBEL A.Ş. General Manager Muhammet Günaydın said, “While we modernize our Nature Facilities in Çambaşı Plateau, we continue to work on greening. We are becoming a more modern and greener facility with each passing day. In the future, we will carry out similar works at our other facilities. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we are also happy that our facilities are popular with both national and international skiers.”

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