How to Strengthen Brain and Memory?

how to strengthen brain and memory
how to strengthen brain and memory

Noting that the incidence of Alzheimer's increases with the aging of the population, Prof. Dr. Sultan Tarlacı points out that the constant effort to learn keeps the brain young. prof. Dr. Sultan Tarlacı made three important recommendations to strengthen the brain and memory: to exercise for 10 minutes every day, to change the hand on which you brush your teeth every week, and to read books that will trigger the learning process.

September 21 has been determined as World Alzheimer's Day in order to reduce the devastating effects of Alzheimer's disease all over the world and in our country and to ensure early detection of the disease.

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Neurology Specialist Prof. Dr. Sultan Tarlacı made an evaluation about Alzheimer's disease. He gave advice on improving the brain and memory.

Expressing that the aging of the society has a great impact on the awareness of Alzheimer's disease, Prof. Dr. Sultan Tarlacı pointed out that our awareness of Alzheimer's disease has increased as a society, and that the disease is heard more and more because of the aging of the society.

More common in women

Noting that the most important reason for the increase in Alzheimer's frequency is age, Prof. Dr. Sultan Tarlacı said, “Although it is slightly more common in women than men, Alzheimer's disease develops in 65-100 out of 9 people aged 15, 75-100 out of 15 people in the 20-year-old group, and almost 85-100 out of 30 people in the 40-year-old group. . From this point of view, age is the strongest risk factor for the development of Alzheimer's disease. It may occur more prominently, especially if the person has a history of cardiovascular disease or head injury (trauma) with advanced age. said.

Pay attention to bad and negative environmental conditions!

Noting that a genetic cause has been defined for all diseases today, and pure genetic causes for Alzheimer's are less than 1%, Prof. Dr. Sultan Tarlacı stated that bad and unfavorable environmental conditions put pressure in favor of the disease.

prof. Dr. Sultan Tarlacı said: “Although we do not know all the genes related to the disease, we know that genetic causes are responsible for the emergence of some people at a very early age. Basically, just because you carry genes related to a disease does not necessarily mean that you will get that disease. However, if bad and unfavorable environmental conditions create a pressure in favor of that disease, the two may come together with a genetic tendency from the lineage and cause the disease to occur. What we call environmental pressure can take many forms.

Environmental causes should be improved

This way of eating can be caused by trauma, polluted air, having other diseases at the same time, low education level, using some drugs in the past, not eating high quality, that is, from many sources and variety, lack of hobby-interest, not exercising, smoking-alcohol habit, etc. Many factors such as having type II diabetes, high homocysteine, obesity, severe high blood lipids, uncontrolled hypertension, and chronic depression can be counted among these environmental pressure factors. As it can be understood from this, even if you carry Alzheimer's disease genes, when you heal the environmental bad causes, you either do not have Alzheimer's or if it will, you will cause it to appear at a later age and in a milder severity.

The most important weapon against Alzheimer's!

Stating that there are interventions that can be made for many risk factors apart from genetic effects, Prof. Dr. Sultan Tarlacı said, “Taking risks under control is one of the first steps to be taken. In the early stages, people's high education and continuous learning efforts keep the brain young and are the most important weapon against Alzheimer's. Reading, playing, singing, even plenty of travel are important in their own right. In addition, aerobic exercise increases the use of blood and oxygen in the brain. It is good,” he said.

Heed these tips!

prof. Dr. Sultan Tarlacı made three basic suggestions for developing brain and memory: 10 minutes of exercise every day: You need to exercise for 10 minutes every day of the week. You might be thinking, "What good can physical exercise do for the brain?" In general, we use exercise to increase physical health and well-being, but when exercise is done regularly, it also has a positive effect on brain health. Exercise, that is, leg and body movement, which has been shown in both animal experiments and studies on humans, increases cerebral blood flow.

Exercise sprouting stem cells in the temple area

There are stem cells especially in our temporal brain region, which is our memory and memory brain region. As exercise is done, the rate at which stem cells sprout and turn into new nerve cells increases. When regular exercise is done normally, the cerebral blood flow increases by 7% to 8%. Increased blood flow means more oxygen to the brain, more self-renewal of the brain and stronger memory. For this, if you do any simple exercise for 10 minutes regularly throughout the week, you will definitely see the benefits.

Brush your teeth with the other hand: Another suggestion is that with whichever hand you regularly brush your teeth every day, try doing the opposite for a week. In our daily life, we are constantly in a trance state. We do all our work unconsciously and automatically. Think about yourself. When you wake up in the morning, you go to the bathroom to wash your face, brush your teeth, prepare your breakfast, get on your car/shuttle and go to work.

Everything happens in the automatic system and there is not much to think about here. Everything is routine. So is tooth brushing. If you brush your teeth with your right hand every day, start brushing with your left hand for a week. When you do it with your left hand, the right hemisphere of your brain will start to work due to the plastic structure of the brain. So, when you reverse this pattern for a week, you will have activated the other hemisphere of your brain. So what can this do?

First of all, it increases your awareness of the actions you take. Because you are doing the opposite, leaving the automatic action triggers the emergence of your higher awareness.

Read a book every day that will trigger the learning process: Reading a book every day regularly is another suggestion. Sometimes it can be read as five pages, sometimes as a part of the book, depending on the need. I'm not talking about columns or books like novels. You need to read books that will trigger your learning process and teach you new concepts, new words, new people, new relationships, and new problem solving styles. You can read other books of course, but it's always new things that will trigger your brain, make your brain sparkle, and keep your brain on fire and on fire.

Repetitive, non-compulsive things do not leave a trace in the brain.

Repetitive, things that do not force you will not leave a trace on your brain. Do not think, "I do not understand this book, I cannot comprehend this book". You somehow grasp a point, you can learn new words and concepts as you read. You can learn new people in fields such as art and philosophy. You can start researching other concepts through new people and progress as a chain. The beginning of this is to read books that will force you or increase your stimulation and set a goal for it. It's up to you to determine how long you'll read the book each day based on your time and desire.

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