Afyonkarahisar Targets 2022 Million Tourists in the Summer of 4

afyonkarahisar targets million tourists in summer
afyonkarahisar targets million tourists in summer

The Phrygian Valley studies, which started with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, under the leadership of Afyonkarahisar Governorate, contributed greatly to the tourism of the region. Turkey's thermal tourism center, Afyonkarahisar, stands out as an alternative destination for travelers with hot air balloon flights starting in the Phrygian Valley and restoration works in Ayazini Village.


The balloons, which start their flights over the Phrygian Valley and Emre Lake, provide the opportunity to see the historical and natural beauties of the valley from the air. While the flights create insatiable moments with the scenery, they also contribute to the tourism of the region. The valley, which has a total area of ​​55 hectares and takes its name from the Phrygians who established civilization on these vast lands, has an important place in the history of Anatolia with its carved rock tombs, chapels, and important works of the Byzantine and Roman periods.


Afyonkarahisar Governorship Promotion Office Coordinator İbrahim Okumuş stated that the interest in the region has increased with the restoration, advertising and promotion works carried out by Afyonkarahisar Governorship in Ayazini village and the region, and said: Our number of tourists in 10 was 1000 million. Our first expectation about Phrygia after the pandemic is 1500 million. We expect this 2019 million to come directly for Phrygian purposes, if we combine this with thermal, we have an average of 2.2 million tourists expectation for the summer of 1.”

“We receive our investments from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Currently, our investment expenditures in the 8-month period have approached 14 million. We spent 4 million of this on the facilities around Lake Emre. Now we are riding there with Phrygian horses. We have completed the restoration works of 50 houses in Ayazini. We planned the restoration works of 25 more houses. There are old and stone structures in Ayazini Village. They have restoration work. When the restoration works are completed, we will have made a total investment of 50 million. It is actually a wrong measure to say that I spent 50 million, 100 million here. These studies are mostly done in order to preserve the old. We will not be left with just one village. We have other villages in the region. Our infrastructure and project studies for these villages continue.”


NG HOTELS Chairman of the Board of Directors Gift Güral Gür stated that this historical and cultural attack in the region also contributed to thermal tourism, and said that NG AFYON is currently at 70 percent occupancy. NG HOTELS Chairman of the Board of Directors Gift Güral Gür, who made great efforts to promote the region, gave the press members a tour of the region and made the following statements: “Balloon tourism started in Afyon four months ago. Balloon flights will greatly contribute to regional tourism. As demand increases, the number of balloons is expected to increase here. As the balloons increase, there will be a visual feast, as we saw in Cappadocia, and if everything goes well, balloon tourism will certainly make great contributions to Afyon. I think that balloon tourism and thermal tourism will definitely support each other. Thermal is actually a type of tourism that is always misunderstood. It is thought that when you get old, you go when you get sick. However, there are treatments and cures for young people as well. As we increase the interest of our young people in thermal tourism, we firmly believe that balloon, history and thermal tourism types will merge and contribute to each other. NG AFYON is currently at 60 percent occupancy and we expect this figure to increase to 75 percent with the thermal season in the coming days.”


Blending the thermal pleasure with luxury, NG AFYON welcomes gastronomy lovers with all the richness of Afyonkarahisar cuisine. Combining the traces of Afyon's historical culture with luxury and comfort, drawing attention with its high standards and privileged facilities it offers for the comfort of its guests, NG AFYON stands out with its seven quality certificates. Bringing health to its guests with its Thermal Wellness programs, and hosting many events from dealer meetings to seminars, training and sales meetings to launches with its international standards meeting halls, NG AFYON offers its guests a unique experience with Afyon's local delicacies. Afyonkarahisar, the first city that comes to mind in our country when it comes to cream, Turkish delight, sausage, and kadayıf with cream, achieved the title of gastronomy city with the step it took in 2019 and its application to UNESCO. Bringing the local delicacies of Afyonkarahisar, which stands out in gastronomy tourism after thermal, health and congress tourism, to its guests from the hands of master chefs, NG AFYON crowns the pleasure of thermal holiday with delicious delicacies. Erguvan Restaurant, where breakfasts and dinners are served as an open buffet, offers an open buffet that appeals to all tastes from local and world flavors, while Farina Restaurant offers its guests a special experience with its rich menu.

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