Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports and Tourism Center Is On The Way To Become A Winter Village

Yıldız Mountain is on the way to become a winter sports and tourism center winter bay.
Yıldız Mountain is on the way to become a winter sports and tourism center winter bay.

Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan examined the asphalt surface coating works of the connection road between Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center and Hot Çermik, Yıldız Mountain Ski Facilities and bungalow houses, and Yıldız Mountain Yakupoğlan - Yusufoğlan village road. Governor Ayhan, who received information from the authorities, made statements about the work done at Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center.

Stating that the Yıldız Mountain Ski Center, the brand value and attraction center of Sivas, made great contributions to the social and educational life of Sivas, especially during the winter period, Governor Salih Ayhan said, “Of course, we use this mountain effectively and actively not only in the winter period but also in all four seasons. We want to use it in a dynamic way. This year, under the name of youth camps, we hosted nearly 5 thousand children in our hotel and facilities on this mountain, and there were very positive feedbacks in this regard. I hope we will continue this and increase it even more. We hosted some adrenaline-loving athletes and nature-loving athletes. We will bring this mountain closer with Sivas center and its surroundings, and we will use it effectively.” he said.

Our Goal Is To Make Yıldız Mountain a Winter Village

Reminding that Yıldız Mountain is Turkey's latest, most modern and most economical ski resort, Governor Ayhan said, “We are constantly trying to renew it in accordance with the wishes of our guests who come here every year. Since this skiing culture, the service sector and our culture in this sense are new, we also see other places and take steps towards this. I always say that this is Turkey's latest, most modern and most economical ski resort. We do not have any commercial concerns, we wish our citizens here, the sons of Sivas, and our brothers in Tokat to use this mountain more effectively. That's why we try to keep the prices much more modest. We have renewed our hotels, we are renewing the tracks.” used the phrases.

15 More Bungalow Houses Are Being Built

Stating that 10 bungalow houses built on Yıldız Mountain last year attracted great attention and 15 more were built this year, Governor Ayhan said, “During the epidemic period, our citizens wanted a more introverted family environment and we received a very positive reaction in this. Seeing great support, we are now improving the additional existing ones and making 15 more of the higher version. Our goal is to build a winter village here. We are building such facilities to make our mountain more usable, not only for skiers, but also to keep that visuality and the beauty of winter alive. Our facilities are integrated in every aspect. We are constantly renovating our facility so that the infrastructure, superstructure, transportation and in this respect, it does not remain idle and the effort and money we spend here are not wasted, and the interest of our citizens is increasing. said.

Tokat Connection Road Opens Next Week

Governor Salih Ayhan, who also examined the asphalt surface coating works of the 7.3 km Yakupoğlan - Yusufoğlan village road, which is the connection of Yıldız Mountain to the Tokat road, stated that the road will be opened next week and said:

“We are about to finish the Tokat connection road. It's been a wonderful road. We worked for 3 years, we made an effort, the road connection is about to end. Currently, Sivas-Yıldız Mountain and Hot Çermik connection of our General Directorate of Highways continues. It is a long journey, and at the same time, work continues on the airport connection. In other words, we are making Yıldız Mountain Ski Center a ski center that will always be on the agenda of our Sivas and our country by enriching its content with four seasons and many different activities and alternatives. Hopefully, we will have a very active, very active, dynamic, intense season that will keep citizen satisfaction at a high level. Today, we examined our work on the spot. We refreshed and remembered those old memories on the mountain. We consulted on what we can do and we also reviewed the existing studies. I hope Sivas Yıldız Mountain Ski Center will make a name for itself. We will also focus on the promotion aspect this year. We experienced a lot of tides due to a little epidemic. We opened and closed it, tried to reduce the intensity a little, but hopefully this year we will use it a little more carefully and much more effectively. Sivas Yıldız Mountain Ski Center is the most popular ski center of this region and this region, and it continues this journey with sure steps.”

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