Simultaneous Safe Training Implemented Throughout the Country

Simultaneous safe education practice was implemented across the country.
Simultaneous safe education practice was implemented across the country.

Under the coordination of the Ministry of Interior, a simultaneous safe training practice was carried out throughout the country. In audits; While administrative action was taken against 46 workplaces, a total of 29 wanted persons were caught, including 17 injuries, 15 thefts, 15 fraud, 9 threats, 296 insults, 134 roll call fugitives and 515 other crimes.

In the statement made by the Ministry of Interior; "Under the coordination of our Ministry, to ensure the continuation of the current environment of peace and security, to keep children and youth away from all kinds of crimes and to protect them, to ensure that students continue their education and training in safer environments, to inspect parks-gardens and public workplaces, to prevent children from begging, to arrest wanted persons and In order to seize the criminal elements, an application was made simultaneously across the country towards the surroundings of schools and student dormitories and public workplaces.

In the application, in which 10.825 mixed teams and 38 thousand 747 Police and Gendarmerie personnel participated in the application, 26 thousand 426 public places (coffee houses, coffee shops, cafes, internet and game halls, claim and ganyan dealers, alcoholic places) throughout the country, especially around 36 thousand 75 schools. etc.), parks and gardens, derelict buildings, places where alcohol and especially open/packaged tobacco products are sold were inspected throughout the day.

In audits;

  • While administrative action is taken against 46 workplaces,
  • 29 injuries,
  • 17 thefts,
  • 15 scams,
  • 15 threats,
  • 9 insults,
  • A total of 296 wanted persons were caught, 134 of whom were fugitive from roll call and 515 for other crimes.” it was said.

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