PCR Test Obligation for the Unvaccinated Has Begun! So Who Is The PCR Test Mandatory?

PCr test obligatory period has started for the unvaccinated
PCr test obligatory period has started for the unvaccinated

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer announced that education at all levels in schools will be carried out 5 days a week and face-to-face.

With the Ministry of Internal Affairs circular published as a result of the decisions taken at the cabinet meeting, PCR testing was made mandatory for those who were not vaccinated during the face-to-face training period.

School administrations will record PCR tests

In the circular, PCR tests, which will be made twice a week by people who will come together with students, such as teachers, canteen staff, student bus drivers and guide staff, will be recorded by school administrations.

PCR test obligatory in concert, cinema, theater

As of September 6, people who have not completed the vaccination process or have not had the disease will also have to submit a negative PCR test when participating in public activities such as concerts, cinemas and theaters.

Obligatory PCR test in public transport

In addition, a negative PCR test will be requested from people who have not had the coronavirus vaccine while traveling between cities by public transportation. PCR testing will be mandatory for airplanes, buses, trains or other public transport.

Following the transition to face-to-face education, the Ministry of National Education made a series of decisions to comply with the pandemic rules in schools in the guide sent to the national education directorates of 81 provinces.

There is the following note about what to do in case of a case in schools:

If there is only one case in the class, the class is not closed. If the teachers and the students of that class are wearing masks, the training continues with symptom monitoring twice a day for 14 days. If there is a second case, then everyone is considered to be in close contact and is isolated at home.

According to the guide prepared within the scope of the decision taken in the Presidential Cabinet; While it is recommended that the full dose vaccinations of teachers, education personnel, canteen staff and student service personnel be completed, teachers and school staff who are obliged to meet with students are asked to have PCR tests done twice a week and share the results with the school if they are not vaccinated.

The mask will be provided by the Ministry of National Education.

In another note in the guide, “A sufficient number of masks are provided by the Ministry of National Education for students, teachers and staff in all schools to use if needed. Mask waste boxes should be kept in the school, common areas, classrooms, teacher rooms and they should be emptied daily. Sick, contact or risk situations of students and staff are monitored through data integration between the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Health, and the necessary notifications are made to the schools.

10 out of 3 teachers are unvaccinated

There are a total of 18 million 241 thousand 881 students at the level of pre-school, primary and secondary education in Turkey. The number of teachers is 1 million 117 thousand 686.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced the rate of fully vaccinated teachers as 72,57 percent. Students aged 15 and over were also included in the vaccination program.

The husband recently said:

“The rate of first dose vaccine among teachers is 84,06 percent. The rate of first dose vaccine in the whole population is 76,12 percent. The second dose vaccination rate is 72,57 percent among teachers. This rate is 58,23 percent in the whole society. Schools are opening. Teachers who have not yet been vaccinated will soon set an example for us. Haven't they always been?"

As of September 5, the total number of cases reached 6.5 million in Turkey, and the number of deaths reached 57 thousand. According to the data of the Ministry of Health, 8.922.484 people have had three doses of vaccine, while the 1st dose of vaccine shows a rate of 79,83%.

PCR tests may also be requested from workers.

According to the circular of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, PCR tests will be requested once a week from unvaccinated workers at their workplaces. The following statements were included in the circular:

“As of September 19, 6, workers who are not vaccinated for COVID-2021 may be required to have a PCR test mandatory once a week by the workplace/employer, and the test results will be recorded at the workplace for necessary procedures.”

source: news.sol

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