Innovative Robot Applications That Make a Difference in the Machining Industry

Innovative robot applications that make a difference in the machining industry
Innovative robot applications that make a difference in the machining industry

Being among the global brands of industrial mechanization, Schunk integrates the advantages of autonomous and smart machines with its advanced robot technology into the machining ecosystem. Developing solutions suitable for needs in many sectors, especially in defense and automotive, Schunk; With its expert staff with high technical knowledge, it reduces costs with its agile, flexible and innovative technologies for machining processes, and contributes to increase productivity and production.

With the emergence of Industry 4.0, smart business solutions and autonomous systems play a decisive role in maintaining efficiency and competitiveness, especially in the field of machining, where competition is at a high level. In the machining sector, which is one of the industrial branches that most need robotic integration support in order to offer products according to the expectations of the market, whose dynamics are constantly changing, it is necessary to find the right solution partner to achieve the necessary transformation. Schunk, which operates in more than 50 countries around the world and is the world leader in the market of robotic automation equipment, CNC machine workpiece clamping systems and tool holders, offers the opportunity to manufacture with high efficiency with its advanced technology products.

Minimizes lost times, maintains standards at every stage of production

Sezgin Mallı, Sales Manager of Tool Holders and Clamping Systems, stated that they stand by their customers in the phase of transitioning from conventional, traditional and high-cost production methods to the technological system in a fast and accurate way; “While contributing to our customers' production processes, we are trying to maintain a high balance of profit and benefit with the highest level of quality. As a company, we offer solutions to our customers with consultancy services in order to improve the existing system in the sector, which is constantly changing and developing. The machining industry is in great need of technology to retain its competitive advantage in the new industry phase. The automation advantages of industrial mechanization in the machining sector, which is one of the industrial areas that are renewed day by day, are especially necessary for the most efficient completion of the production cycle. In order to survive in the industrial field where global rules are valid and to maintain the efficiency and quality level in the production of parts, we introduce new products that will provide high benefits to our customers with our R&D investments and show high sensitivity in the development of existing products. Hydraulic tool holder is one of the firsts we offer for the machining industry. As the first company to offer the hydraulic tool holder system to the machining market in addition to standard tool holders, we also maintain our position as the market leader in the world with our high quality hydraulic tool holder product range. In our work clamping systems, we offer advantages such as higher precision, faster and safer part clamping feature, and longer lifetime compared to other products on the market.

Stands by its customers at every stage of transformation with digital platforms

In general, “How can the products be integrated into the existing system in line with the needs of the customers in the easiest way and how can the losses in the production processes be prevented?” Sezgin Mallı, who stated that they evaluated their products from a different perspective, continued as follows: “Our products are produced with a fully automated system and reach our business partners after passing all necessary controls. Our products, which have maximum safety in order to protect worker health, are able to work in high sensitivity tolerance for a long time, which distinguishes them from their counterparts in the market. Our solutions, which meet all the needs in the process with their completely flexible and easily replaceable equipment, can also meet different expectations by integrating with each other. The products are offered ready-to-use so that they can be integrated into the automation system of our customers. Most importantly, all these products and features are gathered under one roof and reach our customers in a holistic structure. Sample models of almost all of our products are available on our website so that our customers can choose the right product for themselves. At the same time, we also have the "Schunk Chuck Jaw Quickfinder program", where you can see all suitable jaw types by simply typing the chuck brand, model and size information on our quick jaw selection portal prepared for the sector users to choose the chuck jaws suitable for all global lathe chuck models.

Machining sector will be the flagship of Turkish industry

Mallı said that the machining industry in Turkey performs above expectations every year and is one of the emerging markets with its potential; “The biggest factor in this growth rate is to work with a faster and higher quality production method. Many machining manufacturers reach high productivity and quality faster and at less cost, especially with the combination of 5-axis CNC machine investments and high quality work clamping and processing equipment suitable for these machines. As Schunk, we support our business partners by offering the product portfolio they may need in order to have a high efficiency and quality production system. At this point, we have different customer groups from all over the world and from almost every sector. As Schunk, we have a place in the global market in the machining sector in every continent of the world and in almost all countries, but as Schunk Turkey, we have a significant market share in the Gulf countries as well as the Turkish market. We focus on strengthening our export channel in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Lebanon, Oman, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Yemen and Iraq. Currently, our exports to the Gulf countries, to which we export, have approximately 10 to 15 percent of our total turnover volume. We aim to increase these rates to much higher figures as soon as possible. In order to make our success in the sector sustainable, we will continue our investment efforts without slowing down,'' he concluded.

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