Traffic Accidents with Material Damage Exceeded 2021 Thousand in the First 7 Months of 120

In the first month, traffic accidents with material damage exceeded a thousand.
In the first month, traffic accidents with material damage exceeded a thousand.

Traffic accidents in Turkey exceeded 7 thousand in the first 200 months, and more than 120 thousand caused property damage. The digital insurance platform launched a free Road Assistance Package campaign to encourage drivers for traffic insurance and motor own damage.

According to the data of the Traffic Directorate of the General Directorate of Security, 2021 thousand 7 traffic accidents occurred in Turkey in the first 217 months of 462. 94 thousand 326 of these accidents involving 123 thousand 136 vehicles were recorded as material damage accidents. When looking at the cities with the highest number of property damage accidents, Istanbul came first with 18 thousand 555, followed by Ankara with 12 thousand 707 accidents and İzmir with 11 thousand 263 accidents. While this picture brings the importance of traffic insurance and motor insurance to the agenda once again, another move came from the digital insurance platform to encourage drivers. In order to encourage drivers to have a greener environment, the digital insurance platform launched a free exhaust emission measurement campaign for users who purchase compulsory traffic insurance. In addition; It also announced that it gave free Road Assistance Packages to its users who purchased their traffic and motor insurance from

Özveren: “You can benefit from the towing service free of charge twice a year”

Sharing the details of the campaign, Izzet Ozveren, Marketing Director of Sigortadı, said, “Users who purchase traffic and/or motor own damage insurance from I within the scope of the campaign can benefit from the towing service free of charge twice a year in the event of an accident or breakdown. In cases where the vehicle cannot be entered due to malfunction of the vehicle doors, loss of keys, theft or forgotten in the vehicle, an unlocker is sent to the scene. If the door is not opened, it is ensured that the vehicle is towed to the nearest service once a year. At the same time, once a year, we provide towing services to take the vehicles that run out of gas to the nearest gas station. In case of a tire failure, we send a service person to the scene to replace the spare tire available in the vehicle, and if the tire cannot be changed at the scene, we ensure that the vehicle is towed to the nearest service.

Kızıltepe: “We will continue to make our users' lives easier and provide different customer experiences”

Noting that they aim to increase traffic insurance and motor own damage awareness with the free support they offer in case of vehicle damages and breakdowns, and to be there for vehicle owners in their difficult moments, I have Deputy General Manager Orçun Kızıltepe; “We are happy to offer our customers services that are not usually included in a compulsory product, such as traffic insurance, in this period when we are giving away exhaust gas emission measurement services for a greener environment in traffic insurance. With the Road Assistance Package, we want to offer a quick and easy solution to our customers' hard times by standing by our customers in case of accidents and breakdowns. As in all our campaigns, we aimed to make the lives of our users easier in this campaign, and we will continue our efforts in this direction.”

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