Field Works for 100 New CNG Buses to be Purchased by Mersin Metropolitan Have Been Completed

Field work has been completed for the new bus that will be taken by Mersin Büyükşehir
Field work has been completed for the new bus that will be taken by Mersin Büyükşehir

Pressing the button to serve the people of Mersin with new generation vehicles instead of the old buses in the transportation fleet, which have expired, the Metropolitan Municipality is increasing the number of nature-friendly CNG buses working with natural gas. After completing the field work for 87 new CNG fuels that will be brought to Mersin transportation after 100 Yellow Lemon, the Metropolitan Municipality will start the tender process after the necessary technical studies.

7 million Euros of financing will be provided, 22 million of which will be in grants.

The Metropolitan Municipality provides the financing of 100 new buses to be purchased for public transportation from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Approval was obtained from the Metropolitan Municipality Council for the financing of 7 million Euros, 22 million of which was a grant. The vehicle requirement report and feasibility reports prepared after the approval were sent to the Presidency Strategy and Budget Department, and a significant part of the process was completed when the project was included in the Presidential Investment Program on August 3, 2021.

Fieldwork is over for 100 new buses

The Metropolitan Municipality, which signed a goodwill agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), formed a project team with the technical personnel it brought together under the leadership of the Department of Transportation. In order to create the necessary conditions for the EBRD and to provide the loan, the Metropolitan completed the documents and documents such as data, graphics, analysis, reports for the relevant project and sent it as a report to the EBRD officials. In the light of the information and documents presented in this context, a site visit was made to the Metropolitan Municipality by 6 experts in different disciplines to make evaluations on environment, health and safety, workforce, social, facilities and operation, construction phase of new investments and new investments.

Having successfully completed the site visit, the teams will report the field audit work and other submitted documents and present them to the EBRD officials. The tender process of 100 CNG buses to be purchased within the scope of the project will be carried out according to the working schedule determined jointly by the EBRD officials and the Transportation Department.

“We will have comfortable, brand new cars”

Mayor Seçer made a statement about the buses to be purchased at the first meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Council in September. Stating that they want to transfer the appropriations of the projects that will not be completed this year to transportation, Seçer said, “Let's buy 1 vehicles. 56 of 56 vehicles to Tarsus. These are diesel 26 meters long. These will work mostly in rural neighborhoods. Not just for Tarsus. Our 9 CNG vehicle has arrived. Our 87 CNG vehicle will arrive by May next year. From now on, by May 100 next year, around 2022 buses of 230 meters or articulated or 12 meters, 9 of them diesel and the other CNG, will have joined our fleet, and almost all of them will be renewed. We will now have comfortable, brand new cars.”

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