Eker I Run Participants Will Make a Difference by Running after Goodness

Eker i run participants will make a difference by running after goodness
Eker i run participants will make a difference by running after goodness

📩 27/09/2021 11:06

Eker Dairy Products, one of the brands that contribute to the development of sports in Turkey, will organize the 8th Eker I Run on October 2-3, 2021 in Bursa. Eker I Run, which offers more than just a run by bringing together sports, healthy life, entertainment and well-being, is meeting with sports fans in its 8th year with the excitement of a new vision. This year in a hybrid format; The 8th Eker I Run, which will be held as both a physical and virtual run, invites the participants to come together around the motto “Take a step and make a difference”.

Emphasizing values ​​such as solidarity, cooperation and kindness with the unifying power of sports, the 8th Eker I Run crowns the motto "Take a step and make a difference" with a manifesto. While it is stated in the manifesto that everything starts with a step, it is emphasized that it is possible to make a difference both for the society and for ourselves, and that running can become one of the best ways to do this.

Charity Run is held in cooperation with Step by Step Formation

Eker I Run has been hosting the Charity Run as part of the event, acting together with the Step by Step formation for the last 4 years. The Charity Run, which is one of the fundraising methods used to support non-governmental organizations all over the world, is also the most valuable part of the Eker I Run. With the support of the runners and donors participating in the Charity Run, funds are created for the social value-creating projects of the NGOs under the umbrella of Adim Adim.

The donations of 2019 TL collected in 441.197 through the Charity Run also helped to set a donation record in the history of Eker I Run. In 2020, a total of 1.665 TL was collected with 184.163 donors in the Charity Run, although it was held for the first time in a virtual environment that runners are not used to.

With the Charity Run, resources will be created for thousands of living things.

Eker, Adim Adim and NGOs are preparing with great enthusiasm for the Charity Run that will take place as part of the 8th Eker I Run. Eker aims to reach a donation amount that goes beyond the past years and make a difference with this special run that brings together sports and goodness. In this year's Charity Run, with the efforts of nearly 700 volunteer runners, donations are collected to create an important resource for the realization of projects in many fields of activity that will touch more than 13 thousand beneficiaries in categories such as children, youth, women, disabled, nature and animals.

Runners can collect donations on behalf of the NGO after examining NGO projects on the IPK – RUN FOR GOODNESS (ipk.adimadim.org) Platform and creating their own campaigns with the project of their choice. NGOs can be examined by clicking on the link to collect donations in the 18th Eker I Run Step by Step Charity Run Campaign, which will end on October 8.

In addition, the participants who wish can both have a good memory and benefit NGOs by purchasing the t-shirt and medal of the 2021th Eker I Run, all income of which will be transferred to NGOs to remember the 8 run.

Hundreds of runners will be chasing goodness together with 18 NGOs under the Adim Adim project, which has a special project for Eker I Run.

Bursa Aid Association for Children with Leukemia (Löder), Association for Supporting Contemporary Life (ÇYDD), Aegean Contemporary Education Foundation (EÇEV), Volunteer Movement Association, Cancer Fighters Association, Foundation for the Evaluation of Women's Work (KEDV), Village Schools Exchange Network (KODA), Koruncuk Foundation, Sharing Society Association, Association for Children with Cerebral Palsy (SERÇEV), Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV), TEMA Foundation, Turkish Education Foundation (TEV), Tohum Autism Foundation, Turkish Education Association, UNICEF, Dream Partners Association, Raising Mentally Disabled Children And 18 NGOs, including the Conservation Foundation (ZİÇEV), and hundreds of volunteer runners within the Adim Adim will pursue goodness at the 8th Eker I Run…

Steps will be taken in pursuit of goodness

With the Charity Run campaigns, volunteer runners aim to collect donations for the education and health-oriented projects of 18 NGOs developed specifically for the beneficiary groups of children, youth, women, autistic and health workers.

In the 8th year of Eker I Run, steps will be taken in pursuit of goodness again!

8. Projects of 18 NGOs that will run a charity run in Eker I Run:

Bursa Aid Association for Children with Leukemia (Löder) – Let Children with Cancer Reach Health Project

Bursa Aid Association for Children with Leukemia, an association established in 1994 with the aim of helping children with cancer in Bursa, offers services to children and their families who are receiving treatment at Uludağ University Children's Hematology-Oncology Hospital, who cannot find a place to stay due to financial difficulties, and who come from outside the city for bone marrow transplantation. It opens its guest house free of charge to adult patients undergoing cancer treatment. For the project of hosting a patient with his family at Löder Guesthouse, a donation of 100 TL is targeted with the support of 150.000 participants.

Association for Supporting Contemporary Life (ÇYDD) – You Are Closer in a Light! project

The Association for Supporting Contemporary Life, which was founded in 1989 with the mission of "Guaranteed the Future of Contemporary Turkey", is "A Light Also Close You!" With its university scholarship project, it provides scholarship support to university students, mainly young female students, who have difficulties in continuing their education due to inequality of opportunity in education. With the support of 30 participants, a donation of 30.000 TL is targeted for the project “Take Your Steps for Equal Opportunity, Light a Light for Hundreds of Our Students”, the annual scholarship program of ÇYDD for university students.

Aegean Contemporary Education Foundation (EÇEV) – Support to Education Hope for the Future Project

EÇEV works for a scientific, creative, questioning and participatory education system in Turkey where there is no inequality of opportunity. EÇEV with the “Support for Education, Hope for the Future Project”; by giving scholarships to primary, high school and university students and by conducting scientific, educational and physical workshops; It aims to contribute to the mental development of students and to receive educational support from activity centers. EÇEV's one-year scholarship program for high school students, “Support for Education Hope for the Future” project, aims to donate 5 TL with the support of 10.000 participants.

Volunteer Movement Association – End Hunger Project with Food Bank

The Volunteer Movement Association, which is a non-governmental organization that carries out local, national and international activities with the responsibility of making volunteering a lifestyle especially among young people and creating civil society awareness throughout the society, provides annual basic food support to families in need with its Food Banking Program. With the support of 30 participants, a donation amount of 20.000 TL is targeted for the “End Hunger and Waste with Food Bank” project of the Volunteer Movement Association.

Cancer Fighters Association – Let My Hair Be Your Hair Project

Cancer Fighters Association, in order to contribute to the creation of the ideal treatment environment / system in the cancer diagnosis and treatment process and to develop solutions; carries out education, awareness and psychological support projects. With the motto of #hepimizbirimizcin, the Cancer Fighters Association, which ensures that wigs made of natural hair donated by volunteers are prepared and delivered to cancer fighters who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a donation amount of 20 TL is targeted at every step for the "Let My Hair Be Your Hair" project with the support of 50.000 participants. .

Foundation for the Support of Women's Work (KEDV) – The Pandemic Knows No Borders, Solidarity Should Also Be Project

The Foundation for the Support of Women's Work has been working since 1986 to support low-income women to improve their quality of life and economic situation, and to strengthen their leadership in local development. Despite the epidemic and the accompanying economic crisis, KEDV's program of supporting women's initiatives with expertise, training, financing, product/business development, marketing, which continues to transform life, is targeting a donation of 15 TL with the support of 10.000 participants. .

Village Schools Exchange Network (KODA) – Family Meetings Project for Better Education in the Village

Village Schools Exchange Network is an initiative where motivated teachers working in villages and volunteers who want to support them come together to create sustainable change in village schools. Children living in villages need the support of their families the most in their education process, after the teacher. With the support of 5 participants who will run for parents in villages, in the 100-week training program “Family Meetings for Better Education in the Village” project, in which KODA aims to empower mothers and fathers living in rural areas and support their children's education processes through educational meetings, both individually and in family matters. A donation amount of 310.625 TL is targeted.

Koruncuk Foundation – Allow Education, Let My Dream Come True Project

Koruncuk Foundation, by carrying out activities to minimize the negative social effects that children who are deprived of their rights may encounter; To this end, it carries out preventive, protective and remedial studies. With the support of 12 participants, a donation amount of 15.000 TL is targeted for the "Allow Education, Let My Dream Come True" project, which is organized to provide the qualified and uninterrupted education support required for secondary school girls living in Koruncukköyler to earn the university of their dreams.

Sharing Society Association – We Support the Physicians of the Future Project

The Sharing Society Association is basically a non-governmental organization established to operate “against social inequality”. The association, which aims to produce solutions against all kinds of social inequality brought by the age and to show solidarity, aims to support the physicians of the future as before, in this period when the value of our physicians is better understood. In this context, a donation amount of 50 TL is targeted for the “We Support the Physicians of the Future” project, which was organized with the students of Bursa Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine to provide annual scholarships to students who suffered from the fires in the Mediterranean this year, with the support of 150.000 participants.

Association for Children with Cerebral Palsy (SERÇEV) – Life Without Barriers Project

SERÇEV seeks solutions for the education and health problems of all disabled children, especially those with cerebral palsy, with permanent projects. The association is necessary to reintegrate individuals with cerebral palsy (multiple disabilities) into society as productive, self-sufficient, independent and healthy individuals; wheelchair, afo, walker, scoliosis system etc. provides access to assistive devices. SERÇEV aims to donate 30 TL with the support of 20.000 participants for the "Accessible Life" project, organized with the motto "The Right Device Makes Life Easier".

Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation (TEGV) – We Take Action for Bursa Project

TEGV aims for our primary school children to receive a versatile education support during and out of school hours and to benefit from modern education opportunities so that they can have a better childhood and look to the future with hope. TEGV, which has provided educational support to nearly 3 million children with its tens of thousands of volunteers since its establishment, will provide 6-year educational support to children in Bursa Learning Unit, one of the 14 Activity Points where it provides educational support to children aged 58-1. We aim to donate 10 TL with the support of 10.000 participants for the project.

TEMA Foundation – Tree Fellowship Project

TEMA Foundation works with the aim of combating erosion, protecting our soil and sustainable living. With the aim of protecting the nature of Turkey, it carries out education, forestation, rural development and advocacy activities throughout the country. With the nature education program to be implemented within the scope of the “Tree Brotherhood” project, TEMA Foundation aims to enable children to learn by living in nature, to strengthen their waning relationship with nature, and to contribute to the fight against erosion with the Hayrettin Karaca Tree Fellowship Forest, which it will create for children. TEMA aims to donate 50 TL with the support of 30.000 participants for the "Sisterhood of Trees" project.

Turkish Education Foundation (TEV) – Self-Sufficient Girls Growing into the Future Project

Turkish Education Foundation; It supports the pioneering youth who will contribute to the bright future of our country and humanity, and the education system in which they will grow, by providing scholarships to successful students with limited financial means. The Turkish Education Foundation cares that female students benefit from equal opportunities in all areas of life. It creates the opportunity to continue their education and stand on their own feet with the scholarship opportunity provided to female students whose access to education is restricted due to the pandemic. TEV aims to donate 50 TL with the support of 28.800 participants for the project “Girls Who Grow Up for Self-Sufficient Futures”.

Tohum Autism Foundation – May Your Steps Be Hope for Children with Autism! project

Tohum Turkey Autism Early Diagnosis and Education Foundation is a non-profit health and education foundation with the aim of early diagnosis of children with autism, leading them to integrate them into society with special education, and disseminating this throughout the country. It enables children with autism to receive education at Tohum Autism Foundation Special Education School so that they can receive intensive, continuous and special education, which is their only treatment. Tohum Autism Foundation, aiming to provide education to children with autism, "Let Your Steps Be Hope for Children with Autism! It aims to donate 50 TL with 57.800 participants to the project.

Turkish Education Association – Education Changes Project

With the mission of equal opportunity in education, the Turkish Education Association has been providing scholarships to successful children who have been studying in public schools and who have insufficient financial means since 1928. The Turkish Education Association aims to donate 10 TL with 13.750 participants to the "Education Changes" project, which it organizes with the slogan "We Run for Education".

UNICEF – Promise Girls Project

UNICEF (UN Children's Fund), the world's leading advocate for children's rights, works on the health, education and protection of children. UNICEF Turkish National Committee develops resources by raising public awareness about the needs of children and by collaborating with the private sector, individuals and groups. UNICEF aims to empower girls, change negative gender norms, and increase women's participation in social life and employment, by raising awareness of girls and boys on gender equality through communication and educational activities with the “Promise Girls” project. UNICEF aims to donate 100 TL with 26.000 participants to the "Promise Girls" project, which is designed for gender equality and empowerment of girls.

Dream Partners Association – YGA-We Are Running to the Future with Science Project

YGA is a non-profit, international non-governmental organization. It raises young biplanes that make us look to the future with hope. These young people have wings of both conscience and equipment; they develop projects that are beneficial to humanity while implementing them. YGA started the “Science Mobilization” project to make children love science and gain a scientific perspective. With the MEB protocol, it sends state-of-the-art Science Kits to village schools in every corner of Turkey and offers training programs to students and teachers. YGA aims to donate 10 TL with 300.000 participants to the "We Are Running to the Future with Science" project.

Foundation for the Education and Protection of Mentally Handicapped Children (ZİÇEV) – Support Plus 1 Hour Education Project

ZİÇEV provides education and rehabilitation services to individuals of all ages, mental disabilities, and disability levels in 14 different cities across Turkey. With the “Support Plus 1 Hour Education” project, ZİÇEV aims to provide students with special needs with additional courses necessary for their development, in addition to the 8-hour monthly education provided by the state. ZİÇEV aims to donate 1 TL with 10 participants to the "Support Plus 25.000 Hour Education" project.

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