90. İEF Will Take Izmir People to the Past with Nostalgic Tram

ief will take the people of izmir to the past with the nostalgic tram
ief will take the people of izmir to the past with the nostalgic tram

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will keep the miniature train nostalgia of Izmir International Fair alive at the 90th Izmir International Fair. İzmir International Fair, which has been offering many innovations to its guests for years with its deep-rooted history, will be colored with the nostalgic trams “Çiğdem” and “Boyoz” in its 90th year. Nostalgic Tram services, which will tour Kültürpark during the fair, will be free on the route of the miniature train, which started to travel in Kültürpark for the first time in 1964.

Izmir International Fair will open its doors for the 90th time today. Aiming to present technology, culture, art, sports and entertainment together, the 90th Izmir International Fair will welcome visitors this year with a surprise that will take them back to the past. The miniature train, which started to tour Kültürpark for the first time at the 1964rd Izmir International Fair in 33, will be replaced by the Nostalgic Tram at this year's fair. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İzmir Metro A.Ş.'s nostalgic trams named “Çiğdem” and “Boyoz” will tour Kültürpark on the similar route of the miniature train along IEF.

Fair guests will benefit from the nostalgic trams decorated exclusively for the 90th IEF, free of charge. Citizens who will take the tram from the starting point will have the chance to visit Kültürpark with a half-hour tour. Children under the age of 12 can only join the tour by riding under the supervision of their parents. In addition to pleasant moments, IEF Nostalgic Tram tours, which also offer surprise gifts for their little passengers, will start from 18.00 and will be completed as of 24.00. Disinfection processes will continue as usual on the Nostalgic Tram services, which can be taken by wearing a mask.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's nostalgic tram called “Gevrek” will continue to operate in Kordon.

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