Turkish Cargo Brings Turkey's Rose to the World

turkish cargo carries turkey's rose to the world
turkish cargo carries turkey's rose to the world

Having the strongest cargo flight network in the world and establishing trade bridges between continents, Turkish Cargo contributes greatly to Turkey's exports. The flag carrier air cargo brand has been delivering rose products produced in Anatolia's Lakes Region and Isparta to dozens of destinations, mainly Germany, France, China and the USA, which are the leading countries in the perfume and essence industry in the world for more than 60 years.

In Isparta and Lakes Region, which is accepted as the rose garden of the world; Roses collected in May and June are transformed into rose oil, *rose concrete and rose water products by special processes. Turkey, which meets 65% of the world's rose oil need, enables the cultivation of first class roses in terms of quality, with its favorable climatic conditions. Industrial rose products, which are considered as the indispensable raw material of the perfume and essence industry, have an export capacity of 10 million Euros in our country. Gülbirlik (Rose, Rose Oil and Oil Seeds Cooperative), which meets 3/1 of this capacity, carries out 75% of its rose oil exports by air cargo.

Gulbirlik General Manager Hasan CELIK; ''Our Mission; As a part of a national development move, to develop rose production in our region, to establish logistics and industrial infrastructure and to provide it to the international market. We are currently doing this by producing rose oil, rose concrete, rose water and cosmetic products. These products, which stand out with their quality, long shelf life, and wide range of uses in the perfume and essence industry, are grown in our land. We deliver our rose products, which are indispensable for the perfume and cosmetics industry in the world, beyond our borders with Turkish Cargo.

Turkish Cargo's quality service has been one of the most important factors in our success since 1954. In addition, Turkish Cargo's speed and large capacity are a great opportunity for us, the exporters,'' he said.

With the opportunities it offers to the producers, Turkish Cargo makes a significant contribution to both the shelf life of Turkish rose products and their expansion to new countries. Turkish Cargo, which easily responds to the demands of exporters with its wide flight network, continues to increase its contribution to the country's economy with special campaigns and discounts for exporters.

Turkish Cargo Draws Attention to Air Cargo Opportunities with Promotional Films

Turkish Cargo, which can easily respond to the import and export demand from any country in the world, explains its cooperation with the exporters of our country with the promotional films it has released as part of the "We #Proudly Carry Out Our Country's Effort" project. With the promotional film project launched last year, the national brand aims to make maximum use of the unique market access opportunities it provides to the country's exporters, and to explain more closely that air cargo will be used effectively, on-site and at reasonable prices.

*Rose Concrete is a creamy, dark cherry-brown solid rose oil obtained from the processing of extremely fresh pink roses that have not undergone fermentation and have not spoiled their color and unique structure.

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