IMM Continues the Process of Recruitment of 278 New Police with All its Transparency

ibb continues the process of recruiting new officers with all its transparency
ibb continues the process of recruiting new officers with all its transparency

İBB continues the process it started for the recruitment of 278 new police officers with all its transparency. In the process where 5 times as many candidates were invited as the number of vacancies, the stage of practice exams was started. The female police quota, which was 50 in the first exam, was determined as 60 this time. In accordance with the criteria in the regulation, the fair, transparent and merit-based examination process will end on August 6th.

The recruitment process of 657 police personnel to be employed by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) subject to the Civil Servants Law No. 278 continues. Applications to the vacant positions were not limited to Istanbul. A large number of applications were received from all over Turkey.

In the process, which started with 5 times the number of candidates to be recruited, a written exam was held in the first place. The entire written examination process of the candidates who were entitled to take the exam according to their KPSS scores was recorded on camera and carried out on the basis of merit according to the science of measurement and evaluation. Pandemic conditions and security measures were applied very meticulously.


After the written, the practice exams started on 12 July. Practice exams will continue until 6 August at the Çırpıcı Additional Service Building of the IMM Police Department. The female police quota, which was 50 in the exam held in January, was increased to 60 with this exam. Thus, the way to benefit more effectively from women's labor within the IMM Police has been opened.


Noting that they determined the candidates according to the criteria in the regulations, Head of Human Resources and Education Department Nurcan Alan wished the young people success and made the following statements:

“Our country is going through really difficult conditions. We are currently living in a period where there is a very high rate of unemployment and especially the young population is unemployed. We have a lot of unemployed young people in this age when they need to use their physical and brain power. As Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, we are also trying to provide them with job opportunities. As far as we can. Our staff is getting younger day by day. This is our municipal police exam that we have done for the second time this year. We started the other in January. We are now in July. We are holding our second exams in July. I wish success to all young people. Life is not easy at all, but they will of course overcome the difficult. Our exams are taken from the candidates who have taken the KPSS exams in a completely transparent method by taking their applications from "". At the same time, we focus on women's quota. As we did in many of our exams, we also included women's quotas in this exam."


Engin Ulusoy, Head of IMM Police Department, stated that there were a lot of applications for the positions they opened and mentioned the following:

 “We are conducting an equally fair and meritorious examination. We want to be an example to the youth. We want to give hope to young people. We want to be a light for young people. Whoever gets a high score and works will definitely get their reward here and join our police force. It will strengthen us both in terms of quality and quantity, and it will add strength to Istanbul.”


Police personnel candidates who shared their views expressed that the recruitment process of IMM is fair, transparent and unbiased. He drew attention to the confidence created by the fact that evaluations are made according to the performance in the written exam and the track. Especially the female candidates expressed their satisfaction with the fact that a special quota was reserved for them by the IMM.



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