New Era Begins with BAYON at Hyundai Assan

hyundai assanda new era starts with bayon
hyundai assanda new era starts with bayon

Representing the beginning of a brand new era for Hyundai Assan, BAYON has been put on sale. Prepared to meet the ever-increasing demand in the B-SUV segment in Turkey and Europe, BAYON; It will attract attention with its extraordinary design, compact dimensions, large and ergonomic cabin, large luggage volume, economical engine options and prices starting from 201 thousand 900 TL.

Third Model of Hyundai Assan Izmit Factory

Continuing its production in Turkey since 1997, Hyundai Assan has added BAYON to the new generation i10 and i20 models that it has now taken off its bands. Thanks to BAYON, which was commissioned with an additional investment of more than 50 million Euros, with the New i10, which started production at the beginning of last year, and the New i20, which went off the bands as of August, a total investment of over 170 million Euros was completed.

Complementing Hyundai's SUV family, the compact BAYON will be exported to more than 230.000 countries around the world, just from Turkey, at the Hyundai Assan Izmit Factory, which has an annual production capacity of 10 units. Hyundai Assan will continue to increase its contribution to the Turkish economy thanks to BAYON, which is produced with high quality with the labor of Turkish workers.

Sangsu Kim; We will continue to contribute to the Turkish economy

Sangsu Kim, chairman of Hyundai Assan, said, “We completed our new i10 and i20 projects without delay last year. This year, we left behind many difficult processes and started mass production of BAYON on the exact date we planned. Together with our BAYON production, we have completed our investment of over 170 million Euros. This high added value car will play a key role in the future of Hyundai Assan, our sister country in Turkey. As always, we will continue to contribute to the Turkish economy and employment in the coming years.”

Murat Berkel; BAYON will get all the attention

Expressing his views on the subject, Murat Berkel, General Manager of Hyundai Assan, said: “Having a great success in the SUV market with KONA and TUCSON, Hyundai aims to continue this success with the compact B-SUV model BAYON, which is prepared in line with changing consumer expectations. We sincerely believe that BAYON will attract all the attention in the Turkish market as well. We think that BAYON, which incorporates the most advantageous features of different segments, is both compatible with the Turkish family structure and will meet the expectations of young people and those who feel young”.

A brand new B-SUV: Hyundai BAYON

Developed entirely for the European market, BAYON will also play an important role in expanding the brand's SUV product range. The BAYON boasts a compact body type, spacious interior and a long list of safety equipment. In addition, the car, which offers mobility solutions flawlessly with its advanced connectivity features, can easily meet the expectations in its segment.

Designed with comfort and practicality in mind, the car has eye-catching proportions and powerful graphics. In this way, it can be easily distinguished from other models. The latest design product in the Hyundai SUV family, BAYON also shows a great harmony between proportion, architecture, style and technology.

Continuing the strategy of city names in Hyundai's existing SUV models, BAYON takes its name from Bayonne, the capital of the Basque Country in France. Bayonne, a charming holiday destination in the southwest of the country, inspires a model that is produced entirely for Europe with a quality that will meet the expectations of European customers.

A different design

Hyundai BAYON has a very different design feature compared to its competitors. Designed with comfort and practicality in mind, the car has eye-catching proportions and powerful graphics. In this way, it can be easily distinguished from other models. The latest design product in the Hyundai SUV family, BAYON also shows a great harmony between proportion, architecture, style and technology. Hyundai's new design identity Sensuous Sportiness, ie Emotional Sportiness The car, which was prepared in the framework of the car, combines its innovative solutions with a stylish look.

BAYON begins to express itself with a large grille at the front. There are large air openings on both sides of the grille, which opens downwards and to the side. The lighting group consisting of three parts, the daytime running lights, the dipped and high beams creates an elegant ambience for the vehicle. kazanyelling. Emphasizing the feeling of spaciousness, the daytime running lights are positioned towards the end of the hood. The gray section at the bottom of the front bumper reinforces the car's characteristic SUV identity.

On the side of the BAYON, there is a dynamic shoulder line. This wedge-shaped, hard and sharp line is in perfect harmony with the arrow-shaped taillights, the C-pillar that extends to the ceiling and the horizontal line that transitions in the form of a line towards the rear door. Thanks to these hard and sharp lines on the side, the design philosophy that offers a superior architecture also gives the car a feeling of spaciousness. kazanyelling.

On the back of the car, a completely different design feature emerges. This design line, which has never been used in a Hyundai model before, clearly reveals the car's spaciousness and SUV feel, just like at the front. While the rear taillights are given in the form of arrows, a black section draws attention in the middle. Thanks to these angular lines and the black part, the volume is emphasized, while at the same time the reverse and oblique transitions between the trunk and the bumper offer a visually unique and impressive design. LED taillights and a gray diffuser are another element that supports this lively section. Aluminum alloy wheels, developed in accordance with the SUV body type, are given in BAYON with 16 and 17 inch diameters depending on the equipment level. Hyundai BAYON comes off the production line with a total of nine exterior color options.

A modern and digital interior

BAYON has a spacious and spacious interior. The luggage space in the interior, which maximizes the comfort of the front and rear passengers, is also extremely sufficient for the use of families. Depending on the equipment level, there is a 10,25-inch digital display and a 10,25-inch infotainment screen in the interior. In addition, the car has an 8-inch screen, again depending on the equipment level. There is also LED ambient lighting in the cockpit, door handles and storage pockets of the car, which has an extraordinary design that makes the interior stylish. The new car, which has 9 different color options on its body, also has two different interior colors in its cabin. Together with the completely black and beige upholstery, a calm atmosphere is offered that will allow the driver to focus on the interior.

Class-leading connectivity and technology features

As with other Hyundai models, BAYON has an advanced equipment list that leads its segment. BAYON, which stands out with wireless charging, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which has become one of the most important requirements of today, thus offers maximum comfort and convenience in the B-SUV segment. While all mobile devices can be charged with the front and rear USB ports, Bose sound system is also included for a high level of music enjoyment, depending on the equipment.

Width and Comfort

Hyundai BAYON easily provides all the characteristics of a vehicle in the B-SUV segment. It offers ease of use, especially fuel efficiency, and sufficient loading space. The interior of the family-friendly car, which offers comfortable use in urban and outdoor traffic with its compact exterior dimensions, also reflects the SUV atmosphere thanks to its high seating position.

The car has 411 liters of luggage space. BAYON thus comes with a larger trunk volume despite its compact dimensions. Functionality is not forgotten while transporting high-sized items thanks to the smart luggage pane that can be slid.

The B-SUV is 4.180mm long, 1.775mm wide and 1.500mm high. BAYON has a wheelbase of 2.580 mm and offers an ideal legroom. With this sufficient distance, front or rear passengers have an extremely comfortable driving experience.

This figure is given as 1.072 mm on the front and 882 mm on the back. BAYON offers a ground clearance of up to 17 mm with its 183-inch rim tire combination and stands out higher than other B-SUV models.

Best in class security package

BAYON owes its safety and robustness to the advanced safety equipment in its equipment list. Equipped with SmartSense security features, as in other Hyundai SUV models, most systems are standard in the car.

Distinguishing itself from its competitors with its semi-autonomous driving feature, BAYON helps its driver not to leave the lane with the Lane Keeping Assistant (LFA). Forward Collision Assist (FCA), on the other hand, primarily warns the driver audibly and visually when approaching a vehicle or object in front. If the driver does not brake, it automatically starts braking to prevent the collision from occurring.

BAYON also begins to warn the driver in case of a possible focus problem, so that he can concentrate. Driver Attention Alert (DAW) continuously analyzes driving style to detect drowsy or inattentive driving.

In addition to all these features, Rear Occupant Alert (ROA) works through sensors. The driver is informed before leaving the vehicle so that children or pets are not forgotten in the back seat. In this way, possible dangers or accidents are prevented. BAYON has an automatic parking system to prevent similar accidents when reversing. An audible warning is given when the driver cannot detect the vehicle from the opposite side.

Efficient engines

Hyundai BAYON is produced with an improved engine family. The MPi and T-GDi turbocharged engines stand out with their fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions. In addition, 48-volt mild hybrid technology (48V) is also offered for greater fuel economy. The 48V mild hybrid technology offered at BAYON is offered with a 7DCT automatic transmission and 120 horsepower.

The 1.0 hp version of the 100-liter T-GDi engine can be preferred without the 48V mild hybrid technology. Combined with the 7DCT, this option has 100 PS. Apart from this effective option with three different driving modes, Eco, Normal and Sport, there is also a 6 liter 6 PS naturally aspirated engine offered with a 1.4-speed manual or 100-speed automatic transmission with torque converter. The 1.4 liter 100 PS naturally aspirated engine in Bayon is being launched as the most demanded option in our country and expected to reach the highest sales volumes.

The BAYON is the first Hyundai SUV to be equipped with Rev Matching, a synchronized gearshift speed matching system generally developed for Hyundai's high performance N models. This system in the DCT transmission synchronizes the engine to the shaft, allowing for smoother or sportier downshifts. Thus, possible delays or losses are prevented by keeping the rev high while downshifting.

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