Mercedes-Benz Turk Accelerates Digital Transformation

mercedes benz turk accelerated digital transformation
mercedes benz turk accelerated digital transformation

Mercedes-Benz Turk has started a new era with the vision of being a "digitalized Mercedes-Benz Turk in every field". In this direction, the “Digital Transformation Office” team was formed to create the roadmap for digital transformation and to determine the targets to be achieved. BusStore Group Manager Oytun Balıkçıoğlu was appointed as the “Digital Transformation Manager” as the manager of this team consisting of 15 people.

About digital transformation and the “Digital Transformation Office” team, which positively affects every aspect of life, Oytun Balıkçıoğlu said: “We all make our lives easier in every area by using ever-evolving digital technologies. Undoubtedly, this transformation will continue to positively affect every aspect of our lives at an increasing pace. As the Digital Transformation Office team, our main goal is to contribute more to our value chain by using digital technologies in an approach centered on our customers. In addition, we aim to support the realization of our main goals of profitable growth and sustainability. We care about 3 basic elements in the successful realization and survival of digital transformation. At the top of these is our human resource, which is the most valuable asset of our company. Our other elements are the effective management of processes and the application of the most accurate technology.”

The team is made up of employees who follow digital trends

The Digital Transformation Office team was made up of Mercedes-Benz Turk employees who, in addition to their responsibilities, follow and are interested in digital trends. The Digital Transformation Office team, which came together on a voluntary basis and adopted the principle of teamwork and flexible working, worked in Human Resources, Bus & Truck R&D, Bus & Truck Production, Controlling – Purchasing, Information Technologies, Sales & After-Sales Services and Marketing units. The area consists of 15 people in total.

Digital transformation will reach every corner of the company

The Digital Transformation Office team aims to deliver “Digital Transformation” to every department and unit of Mercedes-Benz Türk in a sustainable way.

Team employees undertake the coordination task of determining the digitalization needs of the departments they are responsible for and implementing the digital transformation according to the priorities of their departments. In this process, it is aimed to get the support of the employees in the departments. In this way, the digitalization needs of each department's main processes and sub-processes will be evaluated in detail, and it will be ensured that digital transformation touches every area within Mercedes-Benz Türk.

Strategic cooperation with MEXT and the Fraunhofer Institute

The Digital Transformation Office team is strategically collaborating with MEXT to ensure maximum benefit. Within the framework of the cooperation with MEXT, the technology center of the Turkish Metal Industrialists' Union (MESS) established in 2020, the Digital Transformation Office team benefits from MEXT's experience, knowledge and ecosystem.

At the workshop held with MEXT at Hoşdere Bus Factory in February, the main framework of the digital transformation roadmap and the steps in this process were determined.

In June, within the framework of this cooperation, Mercedes-Benz Türk's digital maturity level was started to be evaluated.

In this context; Between 31.05.2021 and 03.06.2021, MEXT and the Fraunhofer Institute, the largest applied sciences research and development organization in Europe, first in MEXT's ecosystem to determine the digital maturity of the truck operation, including its support units. Intensive work was carried out at the Aksaray Truck Factory.

In this study, which was carried out to increase the level of digital maturity, basic business processes were evaluated and field visits were carried out as a result of interviews with more than 20 units.

same study; It will be held in July for the bus operation of Mercedes-Benz Türk.

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