Buffalo Tea, which has returned to life, is Now Colored with Art

buffalo tea that turned into life is now colored with art
buffalo tea that turned into life is now colored with art

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZSU General Directorate purified the area where Manda Stream meets İzmir Bay from mud with the rehabilitation project, and the fish population in the stream increased significantly. The walls bordering the Manda Stream, where natural life has resumed, gained a painting-like appearance with the 400-meter mural by young artists.

Examining the project where one of Turkey's largest mural works was applied, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said that visual beauties nourished by artistic elements as well as strong infrastructure and healthy environment add value to the city. kazanhe said he hung up.

The area where the Manda Stream meets the Bay, and the permanent rehabilitation work has been completed with a two-month project by the General Directorate of IZSU, has now become the new attraction center of Izmir. The fish population increased in a short time in the Buffalo Stream, where the problem of odor and pollution was completely eliminated after the permanent breeding work. The colorful paintings drawn by young artists on the walls bordering the creek created a visual feast.

A total of 7 artists used the 1-meter long wall as a canvas during a one-month collaboration. With an area of ​​approximately 400 thousand square meters, one of the largest mural works in Turkey has emerged.

Mayor Soyer: Cities need infrastructure as well as artistic elements

İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that visual beauties fed by artistic elements as well as strong infrastructure and healthy environment are important in creating a city with high appeal and said, “This region was in a state that disturbed the environment with its scent and also caused visual pollution until last year. First, the stream bed was cleaned with a comprehensive rehabilitation study and its surroundings were arranged. Here again the fish started swimming. Finally, our artist friends worked day and night, turning the gray concrete floor into a colorful painting. An extremely beautiful and heart-opening work emerged. Health to everyone's hands and efforts. I liked it very much. I hope our fellow countrymen will also like it, ”he said.

Important for the swimmable Gulf goal

It is among the districts with the most residential and business centers in Izmir BayraklıThe General Directorate of IZSU, which rehabilitated the Manda Stream, which carries soil and mud to the bay in Turkey, has implemented a very important work in terms of both image and environmental health. The work, which was completed in August 2020 and is of great importance for the swimmable Gulf target, made the region sparkle and increased its vitality.

With the special painting work carried out by young artists, the life under the sea was reflected by painting figures of sea creatures on the gray wall. The completed mural work also enriched the urban aesthetics.

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