64 Kilometers Firewall on Van's Iranian Border

km of security barrier to the vanin iran border
km of security barrier to the vanin iran border

Turkey continues to strengthen its border lines to prevent threats from the 560-kilometer border line with Iran. In this context, a security wall is being built on the 64-kilometer border of Van with Iran in order to increase border security on the Iranian border.

Wall Construction Started

Mehmet Emin Bilmez, the Governor and Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, reminded that there was no physical obstacle system in Van's 295-kilometer border with Iran.

Stating that the work for the firewall to be built between Iran and Van has started quickly, Governor Bilmez said, “While our optical towers were being built on the border, the wall construction was also started. Starting from the stone no.120 from the border of Ağrı, the 64-kilometer part was tendered in 3 stages. These 3 contractor companies set up their construction sites and started their production with the arrival of spring. I hope they will continue their work quickly until November, after the holiday, ”he said.

Our Hands Will Relax In Every Three Passes

Pointing out the importance of the wall for infiltration attempts by terrorists, the passage of irregular migrants and the prevention of smuggling, Bilmez said, “At 64 kilometers, there will be a security road, a razor wire and a camera system will be installed on this wall. Our border troops dug a 90 km ditch by their own means. Our aim here is to prevent irregular migrants from using this place, smugglers and most importantly terrorists can also use these routes from time to time. This wall will relax our hands for all 3 passes. While our companies continued their work, our gendarmerie took the necessary security measures. The remaining part will be tendered by TOKI and a wall will be built on our entire 295-kilometer border ”.

Border Troops Will Get Easier

Explaining that 3 pieces of 60-meter concrete blocks are currently being produced and this number will increase to 100 after the festival, Bilmez said that all the blocks produced daily will be assembled.

Underlining that the wall they are planning to finish in November will facilitate the work of the border units, Bilmez continued his words as follows:

“On the one hand, we will have come a long way in the fight against irregular migrants our country is exposed to. Our contractor companies will both prepare the infrastructure of the route where the walls will be built and will also work on the road parallel to this road. The wall alone will not protect the border. The Wall will only help our border troops. There is a 24-hour patrol on the parallel road. It will benefit from both the camera system, the wall and the ditch. I hope it will be one of our safest borders. Our border is not problematic in wall construction, but if there are troublesome areas in places, we will pull our wall back to a certain extent and pass it through a more smooth area. However, in the general area, our wall will run parallel to the border line between 5 and 15 meters. "

Decrease in Criminal Activities Observed with 81 Kilometers Firewall Knitted on Ağrı-Iran Border

With the 81-kilometer security wall built on the Ağrı-Iran border, a serious decrease was observed in the rate of terrorism, smuggling and illegal crimes. Terrorism, smuggling and illegal crossings in the region will be prevented with the 2017-kilometer firewall built by the Housing Development Administration (TOKI) on the Turkey-Iran border in 2 and completed in 81 years.

Pedestrian and vehicle gates for emergencies were also built on the 81-kilometer firewall, which was completed in the Ağrı part of the wall, which is a part of the Iğdır and Ağrı Border Physical Firewall System project and was equipped with watchtowers, lighting and cameras. Nearly a meter of razor wire was drawn on the wall, which cost 200 million lira and where every detail was considered. Thanks to the 15 bulletproof doors in the firewall, teams can easily patrol the security road. With the project, which started to bear fruit in a short time, it was observed that there was a serious decrease in illegal immigrant entries, drug smuggling and terrorist activities.

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