The Number of Qualified and Certificated Employees Exceeds 1,5 Million

the number of qualified and certified employees exceeded million
the number of qualified and certified employees exceeded million

Minister of Labor and Social Security Vedat Bilgin stated that qualified workforce is the most important force in international competition and that they aim to include different professions in this scope and increase the number.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security Vocational Qualifications Institution (MYK) provides a standard for professions and documents for employees in order to create qualified human resources. kazancontinues to climb.

Through the institution, which started its activities in 2006, 1 million 442 thousand employees, 1 million 647 thousand of whom are in “dangerous” and “very dangerous” jobs, have been entitled to receive a Vocational Competence Certificate. kazanwas.

Different Professions Will Be Included

Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, emphasized the importance of competitiveness and quality service for the business world.

Stating that qualified manpower is at the center of stable growth and economic development, Bilgin said:

“In this direction, our Vocational Qualifications Authority certifies the qualified workforce of our working life with the internationally accredited examination and certification system and accelerates our business world. kazancontinues to climb. It is very important that the number of our employees holding the Vocational Qualification Certificate exceeds 1,5 million. Because qualified workforce is our most important power in international competition. As the Ministry, our goal is to further increase the number of our qualified workforce. In this direction, we will include different professions in the upcoming period.”

600 Thousand Employees Certificated in the Construction Sector

VQA, which attaches special importance to "dangerous" and "very dangerous" professions with high risk of occupational accidents and occupational diseases, has a document requirement for 183 professions with "dangerous" and "very dangerous" status.

With the contribution of its stakeholders, the institution has determined 60 national occupational standards and 39 national qualifications in the construction sector, which is in the most risky group in terms of occupational accidents.

As a result of these studies, 600 thousand employees in the construction sector have been entitled to receive a Vocational Competence Certificate. kazanwas.

Obligation of documents to occupations with "dangerous" and "very dangerous" status, especially those in the construction and mining sectors, led to a 25 percent reduction in occupational accidents in these occupations.

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