Sivas Industrial School Museum Is Preparing For Opening

Sivas industrial school museum is preparing for emergency
Sivas industrial school museum is preparing for emergency

Sivas, the city of history and culture, will be even more prominent with the new culture and art projects implemented. Within the scope of the museum projects initiated to contribute to Sivas's cultural heritage, the restoration work of the Sivas Industrial School Museum has come to an end.

Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan examined the work initiated in the building of the semi-open prison converted into the Industrial School Museum within the scope of the Ministry of Industry and Technology's Support Program for Attraction Centers in 2018, and received information about the latest situation reached by the Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration, Kadir Algın, and his technical staff.

Visiting the museum and the landscaping area, Governor Ayhan stated that Sivas has a deep-rooted past and that the city has many historical stories as a part of this culture.

Our Main Duty to Protect Our Historical Artifacts

Stating that they are working intensively to reveal the values ​​of the city, to preserve and protect the cultural heritage, Governor Ayhan said, “Our main duty is to transfer our historical artifacts to future generations and to present them to the service of today. In other words, we will both protect and serve the society. " said.

The Industrial School Museum Is Counting The Opening Days

Stating that they established a thematic museum in Sivas with the museum city project, Governor Ayhan said, “The Industrial School Museum Project was built in the Ottoman period, used as a school and later performed different functions. It was used as a women's prison during the Republic period. Our museum, which has an identity, spirit and history, was built with the support of our Ministry of Industry and with the great contributions of our Provincial Special Administration and we will open it together in a month. This is an interactive museum. This place will operate in the same way it served in the Ottoman period in accordance with the spirit of the past. There will be many workshops such as copper work and wood workshops in the museum. " said.

Industry School Museum Will Be The Most Visited Place

Stating that the Industrial School Museum will become one of the most visited and interested places with the arrival of the High Speed ​​​​Train to Sivas, Governor Ayhan said, “Sivas will almost become a museum basin. Our goal is to bring 20 museums to our city. kazanto climb.” used the expressions.

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