When Will Karasu Adapazarı Railway Line End?

When will the blackwater port railway end
When will the blackwater port railway end

The Chairman of the Executive Board of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Sakarya Provincial Representation, Salim Aydın pointed out that the Karasu Adapazarı Railway line, which turned into a snake story, should be completed as soon as possible.

Aydın explained his reasons as follows; “Reducing the Transport Load of Industrial Facilities on Land and Sea is Possible with Effective Use of Railway Transportation.

In developed countries, most of the raw materials required for industry and factory production are transported by sea-rail integration. Ports that do not have a railway connection are unlikely to be operated and developed efficiently. Railway connections of Trabzon and Antalya ports, which are important gates of Turkey to the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, have not been established yet. It has been observed that Konya-Karaman, Ankara-Sivas and Bursa high-speed train projects have exceeded the planned deadlines for 5 to 7 years.

This situation is also experienced in our region. It is an obligation for our country to complete the Karasu Adapazarı railway project as soon as possible, taking into account the public interest and the realities of the world transportation sector.

Karasu-Adapazarı Railway Tender Phase and Delay Period

As it is known, the construction of a 73 km long double-track railway line project between the railway line operated in Adapazarı and Arifiye line and the Port and Industrial facilities in Karasu was tendered for 320 million TL. The project, whose tender was made to be completed within 20 calendar days as of 04/2011/750, together with the bridges, viaducts and other art structures on the infrastructure construction, is already 7 years delayed. The completion of this project, for which additional budgets have been given many times but could not be completed, is important in terms of efficient use of public resources. There is no definitive explanation as to when the project will be completed together with the postponement date.

Why is the Karasu Railway Project Important?

The Karasu Railway Project is extremely important for the transportation of the raw materials required for the Industrial and Organized Industrial Zones established in the Eastern Marmara Region to the enterprises and for the transportation of the products produced in the enterprises cheaper and faster than the Karasu port.

Raw materials to be supplied from Black Sea Countries with developed port management will reach our industrialists at lower costs with the reduction of transportation costs. Products produced in industrial facilities can be easily shipped to the Black Sea Countries, which are a wide market.

Current Situation in the Karasu Railway Project

The concrete columns and curtains that have been built have been idle for years, and their economic lives have shortened due to ground water and natural conditions. For this reason, strength tests should be done again before the project is implemented. Construction started for the railway and the current status of the carrier columns

The Load of Istanbul Ports Will Be Reduced, The Ship and Truck Traffic Load Will Be Decreased

In the Marmara region, which is a logistics center and where industrial facilities are increasing rapidly, the increase in road and maritime transport loads has been inevitable. Especially the Bosphorus ship traffic, which is related to production in the provinces of Istanbul, Sakarya, Kocaeli, Düzce and Bursa, all of which are located in the Marmara Sea, negatively affect waiting times and transportation costs. Considering all this intensity for the logistics sector, the necessity and importance of the Karasu Port Railway connection, which will start with the Eastern Marmara on the Black Sea coast and open to Anatolia, is obvious.

We share with the public that this project, whose tender has been completed, should be completed as soon as possible.

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