İzmir Beach Volleyball Championship Starts on May 6 at İnciraltı

izmir beach volleyball championship starts in pearl in may
izmir beach volleyball championship starts in pearl in may

Beach Volleyball Championship CEV Continental Cup, hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, starts on May 14 at İnciraltı with the participation of 64 athletes from 6 countries.

Organized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which successfully hosted the BVA Balkan Beach Volleyball Championship, the European U22 and the European U18 Beach Volleyball Championship, the CEV Continental Cup, organized by the Turkish Volleyball Federation, starts on Thursday, May 6. The international organization, which is the second round of European Continental Qualification for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, will continue until May 9 at İnciraltı Sports Facilities.

In the CEV Continental Cup, 94 games in total are planned to be played in men and women over four days. In women, Serbia, Slovenia, Poland, Greece, Finland, Czechia and Belarus, in men, Slovenia, Lithuania, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia and England will compete in addition to Turkey. Countries that finished their groups in the top five in the CEV Continental Cup will receive the final ticket. The finals will be held in the Netherlands in June.

Stating that she won the Balkan Championship in Izmir two years ago, Beach Volleyball Women's National Team athlete Bahanur Bökalp said, “We finished the first leg of the CEV Continental Cup in the second two years. Tokyo Olympics have been postponed due to the pandemic and we are now in Izmir for the second stage. We aim to get the final ticket among the eight teams by entering the top five. We believe that this beautiful city, where we have been awarded the title of Balkan champion, is auspicious for us and we will be in the final ”.

Beach Volleyball Women's National Team athlete Merve Çelebi said, “We are progressing step by step for the Olympics that are the dreams of every athlete,” and said, “We successfully passed the first stage. Now, we will first pass İzmir, then the Netherlands and reach Tokyo. The value of Izmir is very important for me. I was champion in the Balkan Championship held in Izmir. The atmosphere and the influence of the audience was incredible. I hope we will experience the same feelings again in Izmir, ”he said.

Stating that they have worked hard to take part in the Olympics for years and are now ready, Beach Volleyball Men's National Team athlete Murat Giginoğlu said: “We are happy to be in Izmir. We took part in special tournaments abroad. We came to İzmir after the camp in Antalya. Very strong teams are coming and we are one of them. We have been working for this purpose for many years. We are ready now. We want to be successful here and be in the Dutch stage, as it suits us. Izmir's place is always different for me. I won my first beach volleyball league championship here, I won several championships. Finally, we won the championship in the Balkan Championship. I want to experience the same successes again. "



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