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egiadin gundem sustainable city izmir
egiadin gundem sustainable city izmir

Signing a first by taking the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into its charter, formalizing its activities in this field EGİADMet with the “Sustainable Urban Development Network” team, whose secretariat is conducting to create a sustainable city model of İzmir. İzmir Sustainable Urban Development Network General Coordinator and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Consultant to the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Ruhisu Can Al and İZMİRSKGA Executive Board Member Umut Dilsiz, which includes communication, sharing and cooperation of the municipalities that have signed the Sustainable Urban Development Protocol and is a first in its field in Turkey. brought people together.

Sustainable Urban Development Network created to improve cooperation between municipalities, EGİAD He was the guest of the Aegean Young Business People Association. Moderated EGİAD Secretary General Prof. Dr. At the opening of the meeting held by Fatih Dalkılıç, EGİAD Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, started his speech by emphasizing the importance of the work of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in this area. Pointing out that the role of Local Governments is very big and important within the scope of Sustainable Development Goals, Yelkenbiçer said, “Our Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerHe is on the Global Board of the Sustainable Cities Network (ICLEI), which is formed by more than 1750 local and regional governments. He also co-chairs the Climate Action and Low Emissions Development Portfolio. In addition, in line with our president's vision, İzmir is hosting the World Union of Municipalities Culture Summit in September 2021 to discuss the link between cultural diversity, biodiversity and urban resilience. I sincerely believe that these valuable efforts will make İzmir an exemplary city in harmony with nature.”

For Sustainable İzmir EGİAD Ready to Work

Reminding that the Sustainable Urban Development Network was established in July 30 with the participation of 2019 municipalities from different regions of the country that signed the Sustainable Urban Development Protocol. EGİAD Its President also drew attention to the fact that İZMİRSKGA is the first city association established in Turkey in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Yelkenbiçer also underlined that the Network, whose secretariat task is undertaken by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, aims to work on the issues of climate crisis, poverty, inequality, strengthening of institutional resources and structures. Yelkenbiçer continued his words as follows: “A new process has been entered, with the United Nations seeing local governments, private sector and civil society as important stakeholders as well as states for sustainable development purposes. I would like to share some data that makes this process important with your permission. According to the estimates of the United Nations, by 2050, another 2.5 billion people will be added to the urban population and 68 percent of the world's population will live in cities. Home to half of the world's population, cities contribute three quarters of the global economy. It seems inevitable that two-thirds of the world's population will be hosted in cities where it is estimated that 2050 billion people will live by 6.5. World cities that will have to accommodate this large population in the near future will try to cope with major problems such as poverty, unemployment, access to basic infrastructure services for over 1 billion slum dwellers, epidemics, natural disasters due to climate change, and migration problems. Overcoming these problems can only be possible with serious and planned studies. We are EGİAD As a family, we attach great importance to taking part in these activities. "

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Advisor and İZMİRSKGA General Coordinator Ruhisu Can Al shared the contributions of the sustainability perspective to the institutionalization and development of cities with his presentation. He also highlighted the need for local governments to engage with global agendas and thus work on topics such as climate crisis, poverty, inequality and strengthening institutional resources and structures. Giving information about the Sustainable Urban Development Network, Al said, “Izmir Sustainability Board is a unique form of organization that carries out the policies, practices and similar institutional arrangements to be developed by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of urban sustainability, together with the institutions and organizations with which it is a solution partner, with the representation, participation and contribution of the district municipalities. . In this context, working with important actors of the city such as industry, business world, local governments and universities by forming a superstructure will bring solutions to urban problems immediately. EGİAD It will be good to work with the business world in this framework. Especially EGİADIt is a very important step for the Sustainable Development Goals to be included in its charter. Submitting the corporate sustainability reports we will prepare to the UN will facilitate our access to international funds and grants. It will be a solution to our most important problem, such as finding resources ”.

İZMİRSKGA Executive Board Member Umut Dilsiz made a speech about the importance of activating young people from İzmir in line with the Sustainability Development Goals. Noting that young people are the most important segment in reaching the goals with their dynamic structures, Dilsiz said, “We need to use their creativity and knowledge. We need to overcome systemic errors and include young people in this program. We have started to apply a special methodology so that they become problem solvers, not questions. "We have seen what these young minds can create with the work we have done to increase their belonging to the city and we have been happy."

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