Senior Assignment to D-Marine Management

Top level assignment to d marine management
Top level assignment to d marine management

The D-Marin Board of Directors announced that Oliver Dörschuck has been appointed as CEO as of June 1, 2021.

Oliver Dörschuck, who has extensive experience in the hotel, holiday and tourism sectors and stands out with his superior performance, accelerated our growth by adding value to D-Marin. kazanWe believe that it will help us to set new standards in marina and yachting activities and to provide privileged services to our customers.

Prior to joining D-Marin, Oliver Dörschuck worked within the SSP Group, which develops and operates restaurants in travel locations such as airports, train stations and highway service points. While he was the CEO of Continental Europe, he achieved a growth performance above the market by developing innovative and efficient services and food and beverage concepts, as well as many tenders. kazanmak has achieved success such as acquiring and integrating competitors.

Oliver Dörschuck, who worked at the TUI Group for 14 years before the SSP, held senior positions. The longest of these was the Operations Director (COO), responsible for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland. Under the leadership of Dörschuck, the company launched the TUI Customer Experience project, which will add value to every step of the customer journey by utilizing digital tools. We expect Oliver Dörschuck to further his vast experience in this field at D-Marin as well. Creating and launching various hotel brands in the Mediterranean region, Oliver Dörschuck is known especially for his competence in return management.

This appointment clearly reflects D-Marin's commitment to its long-term strategy, which aims to differentiate customer experience at a high level across our ever-growing marina network.

Steven Rudnitsky, who is currently the Interim CEO and Chairman of the Board of D-Marin, will continue to support our business as Chairman of the Board after handing over his CEO position to Oliver Dörschuck.

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