Kanal Istanbul Project Will Start With The Bridge

channel istanbul project will start with bridge
channel istanbul project will start with bridge

Environment and Urban Planning Minister Murat Kurum made statements about the Kanal Istanbul project. The institution stated that the Kanal Istanbul project will start with the bridge.

Murat Kurum, the Minister of Environment and Urbanization, asked the question about Kanal Istanbul while he was examining the works in the AKM National Garden and said, “We are carrying out our work on Kanal Istanbul. We started with the EIA process. We prepared plans for the preservation of natural resources and cultural values, ecological life, and the current from the Black Sea to the Marmara, with the participation of 200 scientists.

We Satisfied the Requests of Citizens Objecting to Zoning Plans

We also prepared our zoning plans and suspended them. We have met the requests of nearly 80 percent of the citizens who objected. It will be an exemplary urbanism. We continue the Kanal Istanbul project with determination. Claiming that they have studied all kinds of effects, both environmental impact and cultural life, wildlife, water resources, seismic effects, all of them in detail, the Authority continued its statement as follows:

“As our President announced, I hope we will launch the Kanal Istanbul Project in the summer months. As we keep every promise we make to our citizens, by doing this project, we will also realize our project that will add value to the brand value of our Istanbul, contribute to the transformation of Istanbul with its reserve areas, and will add value to the region and the country with its meeting areas, R&D areas, university areas. "

Kanal Istanbul Project Will Start With The Bridge

On a question about the bridges in the projects, the Institution stated that the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure was carrying out this process and said, “As far as I know, our Ministry of Transport has also completed the tender process for the bridge. Now, I hope, the foundation will be laid in the summer months regarding the contract and the construction process. We have 6 bridges that I know to start with the bridge, and those bridges also need to be built. There are also ecological bridges in order not to spoil the natural life there. After all, these bridges should be built for the continuity of life. It is a part of the Kanal Istanbul Project, it is expected to start from there and complete the project within 6 years ”.



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