Beşiktaş Square Will Be Redesigned For Skateboarders

Besiktas Square will be redesigned for skateboarders
Besiktas Square will be redesigned for skateboarders

IMM came together with skateboarders, one of the symbols of Beşiktaş Square, in order to function public spaces with common sense. The athletes shared their opinions and thoughts. The square, which has become the meeting point of skateboarding and roller skating enthusiasts for years, will be redesigned by taking the approach of "Skateboarding Public Spaces" in addition to its other needs.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) carries out projects in different squares to implement qualified, participatory and contemporary design practices in the public spaces of the city. Spatial project production processes; It also engages mechanisms that receive opinions from the stakeholders of the issue in order to ensure that it operates in a participatory, sharing and transparent manner. An example of this approach was demonstrated by getting together with those interested in skateboarding within the scope of the square project. Skateboarders, who had a meeting with the Head of the IMM Park Garden and Green Areas Department, Yasin Çağatay Seçkin, listened to the project and conveyed their opinions and suggestions.


Saying that Beşiktaş Square has been used by skateboarders and skaters for 20-30 years, Seçkin said, “Generations change but usage does not change. It is a very valuable activity both socially and physically. We were also aware of this, ”he said.

Noting that they are working on the project with the designers, Seçkin stated that they want to get opinions from those who are interested in skateboarding and skate sports, which are important components of the common areas. Seçkin said, “We came together with our friends. We got your opinion. They talked about the examples they liked from around the world. They talked about their experiences here ”.


Stating that skateboarders came to Beşiktaş Square not only from the city but also from the world, the athletes stated that they conveyed their opinions within the scope of the project. Stating that they received good feedback, the skateboarders added that they found the initiated process very valuable.

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