Balıkesir Organized Industrial Zone Road Has Ended

Balikesir organized industrial zone has come to an end
Balikesir organized industrial zone has come to an end

The Metropolitan Municipality solves the traffic problem that has been going on in the OIZ for years with the alternative way it has made with its own workforce and own resources. Asphalting works started on the road with a capacity of 100 thousand people and 4 lanes, it will be put into service in a short time.

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, which took action to solve the traffic problem that has been going on for years in the Organized Industrial Zone, is about to complete its works on the 100-lane alternative road that will provide comfortable and comfortable transportation of 4 thousand people. The Metropolitan Municipality has started asphalt works on a 3 thousand 100 meters long, 20 meters wide, 4-lane alternative road with double round trips, built with its own workforce and own resources. When the road is completed, the traffic congestion in Gaziosmanpaşa Neighborhood Yakup Şevki Paşa Street and the train scissors next to the Pamuklu Weaving Factory will come to an end.


With the completion of the 2015st and 5nd stages in the Organized Industrial Zone, where the number of employees, which was approximately 2021 thousand in 15, reached approximately 1 thousand in 2, the expansion areas of the 10rd and 3th stages will be completed within 4 years. When completed in 4 stages, it is predicted that there will be approximately 100 thousand employees in the OIZ. Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out its projecting and planning studies based on this prediction, built the alternative road with a capacity of 100 thousand people.


Due to the development of factories and the increase in the number of employment, the congestion in the private and service vehicle traffic of Yakup Şevki Paşa Street, which is the busiest between the city center and the OIZ, created major problems. Metropolitan Mayor Yücel Yılmaz had his projects prepared for the road as soon as he took office in 2019 in order to solve the road problem, which has become very important for the city and the OIZ. Following the consultation meetings held with OSB Chairman of the Board of Directors Governor Hasan Şıldak, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Hüseyin Bekki, Board Member Balıkesir Metropolitan Mayor Yücel Yılmaz, other board members and members of the entrepreneurial delegation, the construction works of the road started in January 2021.


The 3 thousand 100-meter road starting from the Weaving Junction; A total of 20 lanes, 4 meters wide, with double round trips, pass through the rear of Atatürk City Hospital, Limak Cement, Maintenance School and Training Center Command and connect to the OIZ through Kesirven road. After the completion of the asphalting works, Balıkesir Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) will declare the new road as a service road and relieve the private vehicle traffic on Yakup Şevki Paşa Street in Gaziosmanpaşa District. As trucks and trucks use the western ring road, the traffic concentrated in the OIZ will be minimized.

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