Ways to Calm the Angry Child

Ways to soothe an angry child
Ways to soothe an angry child

Expert Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. Sometimes, children may get angry suddenly. Nervousness may be an innate predisposition in children who exhibit aggressive, stubborn behaviors, or may develop from environmental factors. Crying and tantrums are also common in irritated children.

Excessive irritability can occur in many children and is a temporary condition. What matters here is why, what and how the child gets angry. In this case, the attitude of the mother and father is very important. If your child has tantrums, if he is throwing himself off the ground, if he is trying to keep you away from himself, you should realize that your child needs to calm down.

If you are thinking about how to calm my child when he gets angry, then I want you to know that as a mother or father, you should keep your calmness first, because if you and your child cannot control your anger, it is inevitable that you will encounter crying attacks and aggressive reactions of your child, even the behavioral disorders that await you.

Even if your child throws himself off when he gets angry, you should not be angry with him. Because your anger; As a parent, it not only makes it difficult for you to control your own emotions, but also prevents your child from gaining control of emotions and behavior, because the child models you.

Remember that children's forebrain are not mature enough like an adult's forebrain, so children have a hard time controlling their anger. The forebrain is the area responsible for thinking, attention, and decision-making, and therefore children act with the emotional system, not the thought system.

The duty of the parents should be to teach their child to control their anger, not to get angry with their child! Therefore, the shortest way to calm the angry child should be for the parent to calm himself first.

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