Hacettepe University Will Recruit 65 Contracted Healthcare Personnel

Hacettepe University will make contracted healthcare staff recruit
Hacettepe University will make contracted healthcare staff recruit

Hacettepe University will receive 14 contracted healthcare personnel, including a nurse, a health technician, a physiotherapist, a dietician, whose application deadline is May 2021, 65.

From the Rectorate of Hacettepe University: According to the method specified in sub-clause (b) of Annex 28 of the principles regarding the employment of contracted personnel published in the Official Gazette dated 2007 June 26566, the Public Personnel Selection Examination (B) group is based on the score order in our University Hospitals. Contracted personnel will be recruited for the positions stated below, whose expenses are covered by the Special Budget and Revolving Fund revenues.

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Hacettepe University will make contracted healthcare staff recruit


(1) Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,

(2) Except for negligent crimes; Not being convicted of a criminal offense or not being under investigation, even if the records of their convictions have been removed from the criminal record, if they have been pardoned or expired, or have been fined or suspended,

(3) Not having anything to do with military service for male candidates,

(4) Born on 01.01.1986 and after,

(5) Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 657 of Law No. 53, not to be disabled by a physical or mental illness or bodily injury that may prevent him from performing his duty continuously,

(6) Graduating from the faculty or colleges determined in the branch to be purchased,

(7) To accept the requirement to work at hours (including night) to be determined by the management of the relevant unit, with a weekly working time not exceeding 40 hours for all positions.

(8) Candidates who will apply should not have worked as a contracted personnel (1/657-B) in any institution for the last 4 year (from the date of resignation),

(9) All candidates who graduated from the Medical Laboratory Techniques associate degree program and who will be employed will be assigned in different units and units of our hospitals outside of the laboratories with the title of health technician in accordance with their orientation and in-service training. To have accepted the working conditions for this position.


(1) For undergraduate graduates, the KPSSP2020 score type from the 3 KPSS exam, 2020 KPSSP93 for associate degree graduates, 2020 KPSSP94 for high school or equivalent graduates. Candidates' applications must be submitted with their identity card, double-sided and / or temporary graduation certificate of their diplomas, KPSS result document (the result document obtained on the internet is sufficient) and military service certificate for male candidates in the relevant title, if any, the requested certificate, work certificate, etc. They are required to submit their applications on the internet at Hastanesi.hacettepe.edu.tr within 15 days from the date of the announcement in the newspaper.

(2) Applications made by candidates in person or by mail will not be accepted.

(3) Applicants who delay the application date or whose qualifications are not suitable will not be processed.

(4) The results will be published on the web address of Hastanesi.hacettepe.edu.tr within 7 working days at the latest, taking into account the KPSS score ranking following the deadline.

(5) The list of successful candidates, the documents required to start their job, the time and place of application should be followed from the address Hastanesi.hacettepe.edu.tr. Candidates will not be notified in writing or verbally.

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