Full Marks from Ankara Taxi Tradesmen to Modern Taxi Stations

cukurambar was the first application address of modern taxi stands in Ankara
cukurambar was the first application address of modern taxi stands in Ankara

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, fulfilled another promise he made to the taxi driver. The first application address of the taxi stands designed by the architects and interior architects of the Department of Urban Aesthetics was Çukurambar.

The Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş brought together the taxi stands, which are the bread boats of the taxi drivers, with a more modern design. Upon requests from taxi drivers, the Department of Urban Aesthetics started serving in Çukurambar, the first taxi stand designed by architects and interior architects.

The new taxi stands are designed to make life easier for taxi drivers with indoor and outdoor usage areas, places of worship, warehouse, WC and kitchen sections. Taxi stands that vary according to the district, location, taxi density and incoming demands; It was designed in 60 types as 45 square meters, 30 square meters and 3 square meters.

cukurambar was the first application address of modern taxi stands in Ankara


The Metropolitan Municipality, which received the views of Ankara taxi driver tradesmen, is making the new taxi stands it designed free of charge after negotiations with the Ankara Public Automobile and Drivers' Chamber of Merchants by evaluating the demands.

While the basic needs of the taxi drivers are determined through on-site inspections, priority is given to the points that have previously been given a stop but do not have a stop in line with the UKOME decision. Stating that they took action to renew the old and non-functional stops and started to make functional taxi stands to beautify the city, Selami Aktepe, Head of the Department of Urban Aesthetics, gave the following information:

“The accessibility, location and comfort of taxis and taxi stands, which are one of the most important elements of urban transportation, are very important for our taxi driver trades. We have 7 thousand 700 taxis and nearly 500 taxi stands in Ankara. We are building these stops in order to provide comfortable access to the taxi stands for Ankara residents and to provide our taxi-driver trades with more modern facilities. These stops were designed by the staff of the Urban Design Branch Directorate of our Department of Urban Aesthetics. This project was made especially by considering the comfort of our taxi driver tradesmen while performing their profession, interior and exterior living spaces, washbasin, kitchen, heating and cooling systems. Our Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Mansur Yavaş values ​​the taxi driver very much. "



He thanked Mayor Yavaş, the taxi driver who served in Çukurambar, which was chosen as the first application area, and expressed their satisfaction with the renewal of their stops:

-Selahattin Karabenli (Head of Çukurambar Taxi Station):“We would like to thank our esteemed elder Mayor Mansur Yavaş. They gave us a stop worthy of the capital. The fact that our president made us feel his heart touched us. He took care of us and spent time. "

-Oğuz Şimşek (Taxi driver): “Thank you, Mansur, the president had a promise to us. Çukurambar had said that he would renew the Taxi Station and kept his promise. We are very pleased, it was a very useful stop. I would like to thank everyone who contributed. Citizens who see our stop take lots of photos, our new stop attracts attention. "

-Serkan Şahin (taxi driver): “First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to them for having a president like Mansur Yavaş. We pride ourselves on having such a mayor. It opened a door of bread for us, we thank you very much. "

-Niyazi Özer (Taxi driver): “Mansur Yavaş, our president, promised us and fulfilled his promise. We are also very pleased with the services of the Metropolitan Municipality. "

Çukurambar Neighborhood Headman Mehmet İhsan Gülbudak stated that they very much liked the new and modern taxi stops built and said, “This stop has added color to Çukurambar and the atmosphere of our neighborhood has changed. We are very happy. With his service-oriented works, Mansur Yavaş has surpassed Ankara and moved to Turkey, I thank him very much ”.

Following the transparent panel, hygiene kit and cash support it provided during the pandemic process, the Metropolitan Municipality, which brought taxi tradesmen together with new taxi stands, will continue the construction of new taxi stands throughout the city within the scope of the tender works.

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