723-Year-Old Çobandede Bridge Dazzles With Its First Day Glory

cobandede bridge dazzles with its first day glory
cobandede bridge dazzles with its first day glory

📩 04/01/2023 08:41

The 5-year-old Çobandede Bridge, one of Turkey's oldest 723 bridges built on the historical Silk Road in Erzurum, dazzles with its first-day glory. Only pedestrian traffic is allowed on the bridge, which is closed to vehicle traffic.

Çobandede Bridge is the historical bridge over the Aras River in the Köprüköy district of Erzurum. The bridge was built at the end of the 13th century by Emir Coban Salduz, the vizier of the Ilkhanians. The historical bridge, which is one of the important structures of the period, is not used today because it is under protection and has been restored.

The bridge is in the region where Bingöl Stream and Pasinler Stream join together to form Aras River. It is in the Aras River basin.

Since the inscription on the bridge has been damaged, it is not clear who built the bridge. It was built with 7 arches in the time of the Ilkhanians. The bridge is exposed to floods in August, when the flow rate reaches its highest level in Aras River and Hasankale creeks. During a flood in 1729, the bridge was damaged and repaired. In 1872, again due to a flood, one of the arches was destroyed and repaired and closed completely. 6 arch eyes have survived to the present day.

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