TAYSAD Ranked Among 1000 Large Industrial Enterprises

Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) prepared by the "ISO Turkey's Top 500 Organization-2019" described following the work "ISO Turkey's Second 500 Largest Industrial Organization-2019" compared to the number of members in the two lists in total along with the survey 2018 increase TAYSAD It also became the second professional organization with the most members on the lists. Located 1000 TAYSAD member of Turkey's largest industrial enterprise in 88, 96,5 percent lower than the share volume list with 11,6 billion worth of sales from production.

TAYSAD the Turkish automotive supply industry's sole representative, was among the 88 members of Turkey 1000 Industrial Enterprises. 1 TAYSAD members who entered the ISO 500-2019 list with a total production sales volume of more than 55 trillion TL, constituted 91 percent of the list with a volume of 9.4 billion TL. After the announcement of the ISO Second 157-500 list, which has a total sales volume of 2019 billion TL, TAYSAD's number of members on two separate lists increased to 88. TAYSAD members, who make up 11,4 percent of the two separate lists in total, received a total share of 96,5 from the lists with a sales volume of 11,6 billion TL.

TAYSAD; iso while taking care of the professional organization with the most members in two separate lists, Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises also took part in 100 of the top 10 companies in the survey TAYSAD members. While 55 of the 52 TAYSAD members on the list were also included in the list in 2018, 2019 new TAYSAD members joined the 3 list. Among the 262 companies that allocated a budget for R&D, more than 40 TAYSAD member companies were included in the list published.

Those who export to the ISO 500-2019 list left their mark!

Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Corporations list of companies in the export-2019, an increase of 2,4 percent compared to the previous year amounted to 73,5 billion dollars. Situated 500 463 companies on the list while performing the export, these companies have a share of 42 percent in Turkey's export industry. In 2019, the R&D expenditures of the ISO 500 increased from 150 billion lira to 3,8 billion lira, with a rate exceeding 9,7 percent. Among the 262 companies that allocated a budget for R&D, there were more than 40 companies that are members of TAYSAD in the published list. In terms of added value created, low technology-intensive industries have the highest share with 40 percent, while the share of medium-low technology-intensive industries is 29,6 percent, the share of medium-high-tech-intensive industries is 23,5 percent and the share of high-tech-intensive industries is 6,9 percent. It's XNUMX.

SMEs focused on innovation and technological transformation!

Turkey's Second 500 Largest Industrial Kurululuş-2019 exports of the companies included in the survey increased by 9,4 percent. Another important result of the research was that the share of medium-high and high technologies in the value added distribution according to technology density increased from 23,7 percent to 26,4 percent. In this context, it was determined that there was an increase in the number of companies that started R&D studies on the list, and an increase in R&D expenditures. Thus, it was determined that SMEs focused more on innovation and technological transformation.


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