OIZ and production centers should be opened to ports by rail

OSB and production centers should be opened to ports by rail: ISO Chairman Erdal Bahçıvan called for urgent legal and administrative arrangements to improve the combined transport system from land to sea for Organized Industrial Zones and production centers to create economic added value.

Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) Council, meeting in October, "Turkey's Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications competitiveness of our industry and our vision of the economy and the Importance of the Future" was realized with the main agenda.

The opening speech was made by Mr. Erdal Bahçıvan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ISO, and the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Lütfi Elvan participated as guest speaker.

ICI Chairman hot evaluating developments in the geography where Turkey in the beginning of his speech Erdal gardener, "like a fire place that resembles" said that the Middle East region is witnessing a human tragedy, he said.

Pointing out that it is very important for everyone to maintain the desire for social peace and coexistence, Bahçıvan said, us Multiculturalism and unique social wealth in these lands; continues their path by preserving their differences from past to present. We are happy to protect the unity and solidarity that we have had for a thousand years thanks to the robustness of our social cement despite all kinds of provocation as we have witnessed recently. If there are any, it is possible to develop and develop in other areas, especially in the economy. Bunlar

Bahçıvan shared his views on the main agenda item of the İSO Assembly and emphasized that the world's population is 7 billion people and the economic size reaches to 70 trillion dollars annually.

Turkey Marmaray in recent years, the third Bosphorus Bridge and Northern Marmara significant progress in transportation through projects such as highway voicing recorded gardener, to create economic value added to improve the combined transport system for OSB and production centers said that the need for urgent legal and administrative arrangements and loved :

Ara In order to make use of the railways, it is necessary to establish intermediate rail connections to the places where production is made and to provide transportation to the ports. In this way, the amount of load and labor force will be increased, export and production points will be connected to each other, a cheaper transportation system will be established for industrialists. The establishment of the Istanbul-Trakya high-speed train line is also very important for the regional industry, including the transfer of qualified workforce. İstanbul

Bahçıvan noted that the Ministry considered the Ro-Ro flights abroad, the sea trade fleet, new port investments and the progress made in the ship industry as very important. Ini New port investments should continue, the efficiency and capacity of the existing ones should be increased. Infrastructural deficiencies in our ports should be eliminated and we should reach brand ports in world scale. The investments for transportation will increase the regional and global importance of Istanbul and will reinforce its goal of becoming a logistics base. Ulaş

Pointing out that the traffic problem in Istanbul cannot be solved in any way, Bahçıvan continued his words:

Gün More attention should be paid to the resolution of the traffic problem, which adversely affects quality of life. If I talk about one of the important problems in Istanbul traffic; the density of highway tolls. As a solution to this problem, tolls should be removed or moved out of the city. Bu

. The 15 will be about 20 billion dollars in the coming year, even if the need for metro-tram wagons will be increased. Considering the export opportunities, it is clear that there is great potential in this area. The fact that the products produced in our country in the tenders of the rail transportation projects, which are rapidly spreading in many cities, especially Istanbul, will make a great contribution to the development of our industry.

transfer their views on the country's economy in his speech that the gardener, Turkey's unemployment, it should give priority to solving the problem of inflation and current account deficit, the budget performance is stable and the banking sector index was pleasing, he said. . The decline in oil prices is extremely pleasing for non-oil producing countries like us. This decline will not only affect our total energy bill positively, but also relieve the transportation and logistics sector, where fuel consumption is intense. In the general picture, while the growth slows down, inflation and the current account deficit are at high levels. Genel

"This past 10 year period of a bright growth performance showing Turkey's economy with the contribution of favorable external conditions, extremely fast changing global environment in a dynamic and resilient economy as the need to create a new growth story for the survival that makes it clear."

Bahçıvan noted that the new story depends on the implementation of structural reforms by turning to efficiency and technology. Oloj We have the election ahead. In such an environment it is very difficult to focus on these reforms. At this point, the recently announced 2015-2017 Medium Term Program is very important. We think that it is very important to implement the action plans, which are largely in line with the expectations of the business world and prepared within the framework of priority transformation programs, as soon as they are mentioned in the program. Büyük

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