Renovated Altınova Bus Station Opened

renewed altinova otogari opened to service
renewed altinova otogari opened to service

With the instruction of Balıkesir Metropolitan Mayor Yücel Yılmaz, the bus terminals in the districts are renewed and rebuilt to the required areas. The suffering of citizens who got on and off the road in districts without a bus station will now end thanks to newly built and constructed bus stations.

Yücel Yılmaz, Mayor of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, continues to realize his promises during the election period. With the instructions of Mayor Yılmaz, who was the bus terminal to Susurluk and Bigadiç, the necessary studies were conducted and studies were started. In addition to Susurluk and Bigadiç, the bus station needs; The current bus station in Manyas will be renewed completely, and a new bus station will be built in Sarimsakli. Again, within the scope of these works, the renewal of the bus station, which is idle in Altınova, has been completed. Moreover, in order to ensure the regular dynamics of the passengers, a decision was made from UKOME to unite all travel agencies and village garages in the same place, thereby eliminating clutter.


The Metropolitan Municipality teams, which first started working at Susurluk Bus Terminal; Having been idle for 15 years, it restores the modern bus station in a modern way. Extensive road arrangements are made around the bus station, which is planned to be completed in September, and studies are carried out to regulate the circulation in traffic. Susurluk Bus Terminal, which is located on an area of ​​11 decares; It will have 22 offices and 12 platforms for intercity buses. Thanks to the Susurluk Bus Station, which is planned to relieve the city traffic to a great extent, intercity passenger buses will be prevented from taking the passengers by the roadside since there is no specific place.


Completing their work at Altınova Bus Station, which has been idle for 2 years, the teams renewed the existing bus station building within 15 acres, creating space for travel agencies and waiting passengers. The bus station, where landscaping and green field studies were also carried out, was opened to the public.


Following the completion of the Susurluk and Altınova Bus Stations, works will also be initiated in Bigadiç, Manyas, and Sarimsakli. The teams of Metropolitan Municipality, which work on the needs of citizens throughout Balikesir, will continue their work in 20 districts.

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