How Does the Future of Public Transport Look After the Outbreak?

how the future of the mass transport looks after the epidemic
how the future of the mass transport looks after the epidemic

The coronavirus epidemic spread rapidly all over the world, caused our daily activities to stop completely and gave new meaning to what is considered "necessary" in life. Despite a 90% drop in public transport use worldwide, the industry stepped into the frontline to help tackle COVID-19. While cities and countries try to go beyond isolation, we cannot go to a clogged life. This is an opportunity to give our cities back to people: this is our opportunity to build better.

So what does the future of public transport look like after the epidemic?

How do we breathe better? How will we move better and work better? How to get better, how do we get back?

UITP (International Association of Public Transporters) emphasizes “Cities for People: Public Transport for Better Lives” and returning to better transport and creates a brand new focus in the latest report to support better transport.

Public transport, which is the backbone of urban mobility, is essential for building flexible cities, tackling climate change, preventing air pollution bounce back, promoting healthy, active lifestyles and strengthening local economies.

UITP Secretary General, Muhammed Mezghani: “While looking at a life beyond the curfews and isolation of our cities, we should consider what this means for public transport after the epidemic. We cannot go back to times of traffic jams, we should give people healthy, active, socially inclusive and easy to move cities: cities should be for people. Public transport improves our lives in many ways and provides better transportation. As the focus for UITP and its worldwide members, you can now see fewer personal cars on the road, a better approach to climate and more action. Together, we can go back to better urban transport. ”

Returning to the past, restarting the city life with insufficient transportation options worsens the climate crisis. A future without bulk transportation will be a future without clean air. A future without public transport is a future where active travel and free movement in cities will be limited and tight. A future without public transport will do more harm to the economy.

Breathe better. Act better. Work better. Go back to better transportation.

Our future is in your hands!

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