267 Landslide Areas were detected on the Canal Istanbul Route

landslide area detected on canal istanbul route
Photo: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

İBB analyzed the district by district by conducting the field study of the landslide risk carried by Istanbul. The study was shared with the public through the Istanbul Province Landslide Information Inventory Project. In the project, which is of great importance in terms of durable spatial planning and urbanization-oriented disaster action plans in Istanbul, 63 landslide areas, 267 of which are located on the Canal Istanbul route, were identified.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) continues its efforts to keep the earthquake and related risks on the agenda of the city. In line with the Earthquake Mobilization Action Plan, IMM, which started to work on 'Building Detection Scans', also examines the landslides triggered by different causes in all its dimensions. IMM conducted field studies in 39 districts in Istanbul, the city where the most deadly landslide was experienced in terms of the number of incidents, in order to have the city resilient structures. The findings were explained with the “Istanbul Province Landslide Information Inventory Project” to create awareness about landslide existence and the roads to be followed.


Istanbul is located at a point where natural events, which can turn into disasters, are experienced in terms of earthquake hazard and the risks it will bring. In addition, mass movements such as landslides that can act with earthquakes or pose a risk to the city without an earthquake can also cause losses. This negativity of Istanbul was also revealed in the “Istanbul Province Landslide Information Inventory Project”. In the study, which included 724 km of field studies as of the end of February 2020, 4.621 square kilometers of previous years, local data such as geophysics and geodesy were evaluated. In the report where 1.094 landslide areas were determined within the borders of Istanbul, 357 of these landslide areas were active. (active ) landslides were seen in the class.


An important finding in the regions in the affected area of ​​the Canal Istanbul route was reflected in the study. In the analyzes including the districts where the project has passed, a large number of areas with landslide risk were identified. 267 landslide areas were identified in Avcılar, Küçükçekmece, Başakşehir and Arnavutköy districts on the route of the project. It was determined that the majority of the landslides in question developed on the slopes along the channel route and 63 of them were active landslides..

In the study, the ranking of Istanbul province area in terms of landslide area numbers was also created. In order; Silivri was in the top three with 120 areas, Büyükçekmece 116 areas and Beykoz 104 areas. When these landslides are examined in terms of effective landslides; It was observed that there are 74 areas in Şile, 61 areas in Silivri and 49 areas in Beykoz.

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