İmamoğlu, Istanbul's Problem is Not Earthquake Channel Nonsense ”

imamoglu istanbul's problem is not earthquake channel nonsense
imamoglu istanbul's problem is not earthquake channel nonsense

📩 23/07/2020 14:41

IMM started the "Risk Analysis Study Rapid Screening Methods Project" regarding the earthquake, which is one of the most important problems of the city. Speaking at the project introduction meeting, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluEmphasizing that the most important agenda of the city is the earthquake, he said, “There is no point in blurring the agenda and diverting the agenda in another direction. If there is a penny to be spent on this city, if a loan is found, if it is to be found, it is clear what will be spent; earthquake. It's not a channel fallacy. Spending money elsewhere and not on the solution of the earthquake-related process is a betrayal of this nation. It means sacrificing the lives of the people. While the threat of hundreds of billions of liras remains, we need to solve this issue. "I don't think anyone would say no to that," he said.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Presidency launched the "Risk Analysis Study Rapid Screening Methods Project" regarding the earthquake, which is one of the most important problems of the city. Project introductory meeting, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluIt was held with the participation of Taygun Kahraman, Head of IMM's Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement Department, made the first speech at the introductory meeting held at Avcılar Denizköşkler Social Facilities. Introducing the project by making a presentation with slides, Kahraman emphasized that the earthquake issue is not a problem that only IMM can handle. "This is not a problem that only the central government can handle," said Kahraman, adding:


“Together with the public sector, the private sector, universities, scientists and all non-governmental organizations and professional organizations, we need to start a total mobilization together. Our aim; determination of the structural conditions of the buildings with the possibility of risk shelter. Along with the point intervention program for the structures to be damaged, to identify these structures now. Then, in the second stage, to rank these 790 thousand buildings. To intervene with the Istanbulites, of course, with the methods of strengthening or reconstruction of structures that have a natural risk of migration and are expected to be damaged. Afterwards, to have an infrastructure that is suitable for strengthening and reconstruction, to increase the durability of the buildings, and to enable our people to stand on two feet of these buildings after a possible Istanbul earthquake. This is our ultimate goal. ”


Speaking after Kahraman, Silivri Mayor Volkan Yilmaz gave examples of the activities they carried out on the basis of the district regarding the earthquake. Yılmaz said, “Silivri has 16 hectares, a land open for development, and a plot,” said Yılmaz, “But 500 thousand 4 hectares of this have been opened to development without any survey and without ground survey. Here, with the micro-zone studies, when the ground study here is completed, it will shed some light on the work we will actually do. At this point, we are planning to share the current building determination analysis studies that we have completed the boundary of the district with our department as soon as possible. Thus, I think that we can follow a common path in Silivri to identify the buildings in the region that are at risk due to ground conditions as a priority. ”


Emphasizing that they care about the work initiated by IMM, Yılmaz said, “Whatever I have to do with this issue, I will also be the supporter of the struggle of the IMM, as the Deputy Group President of the MHP, Ekrem President, in the Metropolitan Municipality to support these issues. I believe that we will come out of this business with the right steps and the right projects by making the most effort. We have debt to Istanbulites and Silivrians. Therefore, I would like to thank both your head of department and you for the work you have done for a people-oriented urban transformation based on the importance of this human life ”.


Speaking after Yılmaz, Avcılar Mayor Turan Hançerli said, “The project starts from Avcılar. This is my very precious and endless thanks to us. What we refer to as urban transformation can be described as connecting to life, saving lives, eliminating the possible risk and giving life. We carry out studies with the slogan 'We do not transform the city, we save life, we save life'. Over three thousand independent departments in Avcılar have started to be renewed, strong and resistant over the past year.


İmamoğlu, who appeared after Hançerli, started his words by saying, “We do not ignore anything, but at the point reached, of course there is great hesitation.” “I have always described the earthquake as a mobilization; I also defined it as a national mobilization. I will continue to define it like this. ”İmamoğlu continued his speech as follows:

“This business has no institution or party. My friends made an estimate of the cost of an earthquake of around 160 billion liras if I am not mistaken. I find the technical forecasts too optimistic. Of course, the soul has no price anyway. I don't want to speak. If I say tens of thousands, it is a painful figure. But I think I have to say more, in the current state of Istanbul. When you write here that 50-60 thousand buildings are not under the threat of demolition, we face a risk that saying 'tens of thousands' is not enough. And I want to complete the price here by saying '100 billions lira'. Turkey is a matter of Istanbul earthquake, I even expressed underlining that the world is a matter of the meetings I attended in Europe. "


Underlining that Istanbul is a city entrusted with world, Imamoğlu said, “Such a beautiful city is not in the world for me. Istanbul is also a city where the global economy invests. It really needs a holistic investment. What do I mean without integrity? Of course; Turkey Our existing institutions and organizations and the public. If our people are not in this business, we cannot talk about the solution of the earthquake. In this regard, our state, our government, IMM, district municipalities, private sector, scientists, every segment of society, every level should say 'I am in this business'. So to speak; "Those who run this city and everyone who runs this country should act with the understanding of" what kind of work I have been doing today for the possible Istanbul earthquake ", one of the elements that should be remembered, no matter how they start the day, what sentences they start with."


“Strengthening and renewal of the solution if necessary; If possible, we have to review the pursuit of urban transformation model in three stages, ”said İmamoğlu,“ There are districts that are very convenient with the easily financing model of renewal. It will come into play. People will not be motivated by any other quests. If there is a plan issue in a place, how do you know which party, which view, who lives in which building? I never want this to be discussed behind closed doors. Post any applications, changes, statuses, circulars, regulations wherever parliamentary decisions are posted. Like the publication of our speeches here. Today, the two district heads of the two political parties spoke and said the same. Whoever commits a defect, account for the citizen. We have an obligation to implement this three-phase Istanbul's risk-free model. When we experienced the 99 earthquakes, we learned as if it were something new. It means that it cannot be understood without being felt ”.


Saying “There is no point in blurring the agenda, taking the agenda in another direction,” said İmamoğlu. earthquake. The channel is not nonsense. It is betrayal of this nation to spend money on earthquake related solutions and spend money elsewhere. It means to ignore the life of the nation. While hundreds of billions of pounds of threats remain, we need to solve this job. I don't think anyone would say no to that. There is no need or need for such a thing. I am not talking about its losses, but it should be removed from the agenda of Istanbul and all these resources should be transferred to the solution related to the earthquake. ”

“It is imperative that we act with maximum care”

Referring to the pandemic process, Imamoğlu completed his words as follows: “We are at risk of disease. We do not have clear information about how much more this risk will exist with us. We have to stretch our feet according to our quilt. Pandemic, and Turkey is a fact that profoundly affect the world economy. Even some vital attitudes of the world will bring some changes. In such an environment, it is imperative that both our citizens and us act with the utmost care while finding a solution. I would like to encourage our friends who set off today to support and support all our citizens as people who have come to help. In the following stages, I also instructed our Secretary General and relevant units, especially in organizing the financing model. There is a deep study on this subject. We want to reach the conclusion of the business by offering the right opportunities to our citizens, with a holistic structure, as well as the representatives of companies that produce insurance, banking, and construction materials, and sector representatives and contractor companies. ”

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