Full Support to People's Cord Nostalgic Tram Project

full support to the cord nostalgic tram project from the public
full support to the cord nostalgic tram project from the public

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality held a public meeting on the nostalgic tram, which is planned to run in the First Kordon. Listening to the details of the project, residents of the region gave full support to the wheeled tram.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality came together with the residents of the region before reviving the tram, which is one of the nostalgic symbols of the city and which worked in the First Kordon in the past. Mert Yaygel, Head of Transportation Department of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, at the public meeting, İzmir Metro A.Ş. General Manager Sönmez Alev and Konak Deputy Mayor Ali Ulvi Dülger informed the citizens about the details of the project. Then the questions of the participants were answered, their opinions and suggestions were received. Citizens who fully support the project will extend the application to Konak; He asked that he be moved to the appropriate areas in the city center, especially Kültürpark.

Inspired by 1928

Nostalgic tram was inspired by electric trams that started to be used in Izmir since 1928. In order not to spoil the texture of the First Cord, it will have rubber wheels and will work with electricity. The existing dirt road will be arranged in accordance with the passage of the tram. In addition, an area will be created in the area where the Alsancak Port viaducts are located, so that tram wagons with batteries can be parked, maintained and cleaned, and these wagons can be charged.

It will start service on September 9

Two nostalgic trams with a seating capacity of 28 people, consisting of a single wagon, will make a mutual voyage on the 660-meter route between the Alsancak Port viaducts and Cumhuriyet Square. There will be a driver's cabin in both directions of the wagon, it will not need space for turning. Passengers can get on and off the tram from four stops: Cumhuriyet Square, Gündoğdu Square, Alsancak Pier and Alsancak Port. The third tram car will be kept in reserve. The color of the nostalgic tram of İzmir was determined as green based on the color of the trams serving the city in the 1900s.

Trams will start serving on September 98, when İzmir's Liberation enthusiasm will be experienced for the 9th time.

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