'SERBİS' is Enabled Against Fake Authorized Services

free service against fraudulent authorized services
free service against fraudulent authorized services

📩 18/07/2020 11:57

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan added the "Service Information System (SERBİS)" project to protect consumers and companies against counterfeit services.www.servis.gov.t is"Our consumers will be able to access all authorized service information of producers, manufacturers and importers reliably from this platform, by stating that they are available from the website." said.

In his speech at the Service Information System (SERBİS) Introductory Meeting organized by the video conference method in the meeting hall of the Ministry of Commerce, Pekcan gave information about the activities for consumer protection.

Emphasizing that they continue to work towards the protection and awareness of the consumers in after-sales services, as in every field determined by the Law on the Protection of Consumers, Pekcan, "Warranty Certificate", "After Sales Services" and "After Sales Services" and " Introductory and User Guide ”.

Pekcan reminded that with the regulations they have made in this field, they have brought after sales service obligations to more than 200 product groups from white goods to cars, computers to mobile phones, and that manufacturers and importers have to provide after-sales assembly, maintenance and repair services for their products. .

Emphasizing that the companies that have “After Sales Service Sufficiency Certificate” approved by the Ministry must provide after sales services such as assembly, maintenance and repair to consumers through authorized service stations, Pekcan said:

“Consumers should apply to authorized services in order to exercise their rights arising from these guarantees. So what have consumers been doing so far to reach the authorized service stations they need? As far as we can see, the easiest way is to search for services through the search engines on the internet, but there can be many mistakes. More conscious consumers, on the other hand, go to get these services from the corporate contact information of the companies or through the existing warranty document or user manuals, but it is not always easy to keep the warranty document and user manuals, and some service information may change over the years. ”

Pekcan pointed out that some opportunists also serve consumers like the authorized service by putting their own names in the top ranks in search engines, saying, “The quality of this service, the price they received, sometimes we had complaints from consumers and companies such as parts being stolen, not repaired, or even stolen the product. . Of course, as the Ministry, we carry out audits of these, and we impose administrative penalties for them. ” used expressions.

Noting that the consumer could not be sufficiently protected and started a new study to reach a more informed consumer portfolio, Pekcan gave the following information:

“In line with this study, as of July 1, we made it compulsory for companies to use it and opened it to the service of our citizens. 'Service Information System (SERBİS)' project 'to protect our consumers and companies against counterfeit services.www.servis.gov.t isWe have put into service via. Our consumers will be able to access all authorized service information of manufacturers and importers reliably from this platform. ”

“Our consumers'www.servis.gov.t is'I invite you to use the site ”

Minister Pekcan, within the scope of the project, first of all, they transferred the authorized service information in the database of the Ministry to the system, and then made it available to companies through e-government,www.servis.gov.t is He explained that they ensure that they save them to the system and update their information.

Stating that the companies have made it mandatory to publish authorized services from their corporate sites, Pekcan made the following assessment:

“Our aim in this system is to protect the rights of citizens and to create conscious consumers. 'www.servis.gov.t is'' will be able to perform authorized service inquiries on the basis of company, brand, product, importer, as well as province and district. Here, they will not only be able to access authorized service information, they will also be able to access regulatory information, and important information on warranty and after-sales services will be available on this site. I want all our citizens to be officialwww.servis.gov.t is'I invite you to use the site. I strongly recommend the use of this site to avoid victimization. ”

"The basis of a healthy functioning market is the conscious consumer." Pekcan said that they provided the necessary trainings and made publications in order to raise awareness among consumers.

Pointing out that there are other studies they carried out in the field of after-sales services, Pekcan said:

“As you know, in the current practice, warranty documents and service vouchers must be given to consumers in writing and in print. This creates a cost item and bureaucracy for companies. For the consumer, the long-term storage of documents creates problems. Now, we are moving them to electronic environment with our new works. Now, companies can share their warranty documents and service vouchers with the consumers electronically. As of today, our Ministry will continue its activities for consumer protection and conscious consumers. ”

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